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At Whitecote Primary School we are committed to providing a caring, friendly safe and secure environment for all our pupils that allows everyone to learn. We expect high standards of behaviour at Whitecote Primary School and we strive to encourage our pupils to develop into responsible and valued members of the community. Bullying of any kind is not acceptable at Whitecote. If bullying does occur, pupils know that incidents will be investigated and dealt with promptly and effectively following the school’s procedures.


What is Bullying?

Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person and which results in pain and distress to the victim.


Characteristics of bullying beaviour:

  • deliberately hurtful
  • ongoing - repeated often over a period of time
  • difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves


Bullying behaviour includes:

  • Physical e.g. pushing, kicking, hitting, pinching, unwanted physical contact or  

any use of violence

  • Verbal e.g. name-calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, teasing or abusive
  • Emotional/Indirect e.g. excluding others, tormenting (hiding books, threatening gestures), spreading rumours
  • Cyber bullying e.g. sending texts, using social networking sites, e-mails,phone calls, filming incidents



We participate in ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ throughout the school where work is done to develop a shared awareness and understanding of what bullying is and how to deal with it. Work exploringing the issues around bullying is done as part of our PSHCE curriculum. Children are always encouraged to tell someone (parents/carers, a member of staff, friends, buddies or peer mediators) if they are being bullied or if they know that it is happening.