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We are delighted to announce the arrival of a new reward system, the ASPIRE Award, which has been the result of on-going work and involvement from parents, children and staff at Whitecote. We have six key aims, which lie at the heart of everything we do.


The aims form the word ASPIRE and are as follows:           Aim High

                                                                                                Safe & Healthy

                                                                                                Pupil Voice


                                                                                                Respect & Care



We will continually be working towards these aims and, in addition to this, the ASPIRE award will focus on one particular aim each week. This will start with AIM HIGH and then move through the areas in order. One child from each class who has demonstrated particular commitment to that aim during the week will be chosen to receive the award, which will be presented in an ASPIRE Assembly each Monday morning at 9:00 am. Parents of children in Years One to Six are invited to attend the assembly and children receive a certificate and badge. 


In order to be eligible to receive the award that week, children will need to have achieved the ASPIRE Essentials. The staff will then choose one child from among those who are eligible for that week.


The ASPIRE Essentials are key aspects of school life which take high priority and we would expect all children to strive to achieve these.



The ASPIRE Essentials are:


Wear correct school uniform all week.

Have correct kits in school on P.E. days that week.

Return your completed homework on time that week.

Have 100% attendance and have arrived on time every day that week.

Stay on the green traffic light that week.

Be on green level of the behaviour pyramid.

Have received no red outside slips that week.


Each of these aspects applies for the duration of the week, rather than a whole term – so, for example, if you were absent for a day you would not be eligible to receive the award that week, but it would not prevent you from being eligible the following week etc.


Children who are eligible to receive the award because they have achieved these ASPIRE Essentials for the duration of the week will also receive a certificate in recognition of their positive contribution towards the life of the school and as celebration for their self-motivation and success in achieving each of these things for the week.


Each aim is colour-coded and children receive the certificate and badge in the corresponding colour. 





Look out for pictures and updates each week!