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School Governors


Chair:                                                   Mr Peter Riley

Headteacher:                                     Ms Frances Batty                ex-officio


Parent Representatives:                  Ms Laura Bay




Staff Representative:                       Miss Vicki Routledge


Co-opted Representatives:              

                                                              Mr Peter Riley

                                                              Mrs Sue Hawkshaw

                                                              Mrs Rachel Tobbell

                                                              Mrs Cath Broadhead

                                                              Mrs Jennifer Armit

                                                              Mrs Anessa Rush




LEA Representative:                         Vacancy

Governors with specific responsibilities

*    Complaints - Peter Riley
*    Child Protection/Looked After Children - Peter Riley
*    Training - Rachel Tobbell
*    Pupil Premium - Suzanne Hawkshaw
*    Literacy - 
*    Maths - Rachel Tobbell
*    Sports Funding - 

*    Reception - Peter Riley
*    Year 1 - 
*    Year 2 -
*    Year 3 - 
*    Year 5 - 
*    Year 6 - 



Governors' Declaration of Interests


Suzanne Hawkshaw- works for LCC governor support services


Peter Riley- works for Academic Appointments supply agency


All other governors declared no interests


The Governing Body of Whitecote Primary School have an important role to play in supporting the strategic direction of school. The Governors act as both a critical friend, whilst providing challenge and facilitating debate with School Leaders to ensure children at Whitecote achieve the best possible progress in their learning.


The Governing Body consists of  13 Members:    Headteacher

                                                                                 2 Parents

                                                                                 1 Local Authority Governor

                                                                                 1 Staff Governor

                                                                                 8 Co-Opted Governors


The Governing body is split into two committees, who undertake projects under delegated authority from the main body. The committees are as follows:-


Resources (Finance, Personnel and Buildings)

Teaching and Learning and Pupil Support


Committee Member

Teaching, learning and pupil support 

Frances Batty

Peter Riley

Rachel Tobbell 

Anessa Rush

Vicki Routledge 

Cath Broadhead 



Frances Batty

Peter Riley 

Suzanne Hawkshaw 

Jennifer Armit 

Laura Bay 


2016/17 Priorities


The Senior Leadership Team and Governors have agreed the following priorities for the school:-


  • Ensure Good/Outstanding teaching practice is delivered across the school.
  • Promote high standards through excellent conduct, behaviour and attendance.
  • Develop our Early years provision further through our Little Doves setting.
  • Link Governors to ensure termly update meetings are held with key leaders to evaluate progress.
  • To close the gap between children in receipt of pupil premium and others
  • To ensure constant progress is made across the school for all groups, whilst providing challenge for more able children.
  • To attain at or above national figures
  • Refurbishment of the YR 1 Classrooms
  • Further improvements to the Foundation area


I am extremely proud of the school, its pupils and staff. Standards at Whitecote have risen over the past few years. The children are well behaved and keen to learn as they feel safe, supported and secure in our School. Parents and Carers understand they have an important role to fulfill in supporting our aims and aspirations for their children.


Thanks for your continued support and contributions.



Peter Riley

Chair of Governors