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Greek Style Wraps!

Year five have been looking at ancient Greece, including the history and geography of this civilisation and how people would have lived and dressed several thousand years ago. An important part of any civilisation is it's diet and eating habits. We have looked in some detail at the types of food grown and prepared in ancient Greece and how people would have gathered together to socialise, share food and take decisions about their society.


We began by sampling a variety of foods including olives, feta cheese, humous, tzatziki, taramasalata and pita bread and thinking a little about where the foods originate from. We considered climate and geography, and the children were able to experience and in most cases enjoy interesting and different foods and tastes.


The food tasting session took place in the form of a Greek symposium during which people would meet socially, eat, discuss and vote on issues of the day.  We were able to replicate this by voting for favourite and least favourite Greek foods (Greek Yoghurt was very popular!!), and also discussing the origins of democracy.


Later on in the term we extended this activity by designing and making Greek style wraps to eat in class.


The children began by researching what a wrap is and how it is made, then referred to the notes they made after the food tasting to decide what ingredients to use.  Having decided what they wanted to make, the children set out an instruction sheet in the form of a recipe containing ingredients, equipment and method and a comment on how the result turned out.


All the children produced effective instructions and made really tasty Greek Style Wraps! The food preparation skills displayed were excellent and some children were adventurous in their choice of ingredients! Everyone produced a good analysis of what they had made with comments on what could be improved next time.  


Both of these sessions were rewarding and covered a range of topics. 





Tasty Greek Style Wraps!!!