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Little Doves

Hello and welcome to Little Doves Nursery!

This is our friendly and inviting Nursery which has many areas in it that allows children to make progress to their next step of their learning. Our areas are set up to support the Early Years Foundation Stage enabling children to make significant developmental progress in a playful environment.


The staff in Little Doves are;

Becky Gill-Nursery Manager

Karen Stancliffe- Nursery Assistant

Caroline Aston- Nursery Assistant

Caron Hawley- Teaching Assistant

Nicola Brooke-Nursery Assistant

We have set up the provision to cater for all 7 areas of the EYFS and we use playful interactions to help the children learn and develop.


The EYFS is split up into these 7 areas; 


The Prime areas are; 

Personal, social and Emotional,

Communication and Language

Physical Development 


The specific areas are 



Knowledge and Understanding of the World,

Expressive Arts and Design.


Little Doves are currently having the garden re-done we are very excited here is a sneaky look at the developments so far.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Over the Summer term so far we have had lots of fun both inside and outside. We have been playing in the playground at 'Big Nursery' as we are having our garden done but we have enjoyed all the new challenges over there with the bikes and the trim trail. Inside we have been dressing up as pirates, making treasure maps and decorated biscuits with 'treasure', we went on a big hunt to find the scrummy treats as well. We have also been playing with the farm set and after busy days playing with the farm set we have gone over to the ice-cream parlour and made some ice-creams. We even had ice-cream for our snack one day mmmmm.