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National Media Museum

As part of the work we are doing on communication, year five visited the National Media Museum in Bradford for a day trip investigating techniques for recording and transmitting sound and images.


The museum features displays covering the development of film, radio and television as well as the rise of the internet as a medium for mass communication. We took part in several workshop activities during the course of the day but also had time for the children to explore the museum and get a feel for how communication has become faster and more accessible over the past hundred years.


The first workshop we took part in entailed building a loudspeaker from a kit of components and required extremely delicate fingers! The components consisted of a small magnet, a coil of light copper wire, a power lead with a jack plug, a base plate, cup and cardboard case. To make the speaker work all the electrical connections had to be secure and the fiddly components in precisely the right position! Nearly all of them worked when we tested them in class the next day.



Picture 1 Sound and video studio, The National Media Museum.
Picture 2 Building the case for the speaker.
Picture 3 Carefully wiring the coil and lead together.
Picture 4 The finished speaker, it works too!!