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Hello and welcome to the Nursery Webpage!

Nursery and Reception classes at Whitecote are being run as a Foundation Unit. Miss Murray is the new Foundation Leader and is also an assistant Head teacher.


The staff in the unit are as follows:


(F1) Nursery Home Base Teacher - Mrs Stableford.

Nursery assistants: Mrs Carlton, Mrs Myers and Miss Haque


Special Needs Assistants: Dr Kacha and Miss Berg

Nursery Lunchtime Assistants: Mrs Johnson and Mrs Tanya Fleming.


(F2) Reception Home Base Teachers: Miss Bye, Miss Murray and  Miss Mullin.

Reception Teaching Assistants: Mrs Robson and Miss Poole

Special Needs Assistants:   Dr Kacha


At times, staff will teach in both 'home bases' and children will be free to work and explore in both areas.

Children will always register in, and be collected from, their home base.

All of our new children have settled into Nursery and are enjoying exploring the different areas.
In Nursery this half term, our theme is, 'Me and my world'.  
We have had lots of fun creating hand prints!
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Some of the children wanted to read the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and everyone really enjoyed the story so we decided to make some delicious porridge that was, "just right!" like baby bear's porridge. After they had helped to make it the children chose whether they wanted their porridge with honey or sugar.
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Some of our older children missed our old fish so we have decided to buy some more because everyone loves to watch them swimming around in their tank. Everybody in Nursery helped to chose the fish that we are going to buy. We looked at pictures of the different types of fish that we could keep in our new fish tank and we all chose our favourite. We are going to buy two of each of the three fish that had the most votes. We have already got two new fish and we will be welcoming the next two fish very soon now that the first two have settled in. We will be sending out a letter so that parents and children can help us to name our new fish and we can not wait to hear your suggestions. Please come and see our new pets! 
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Autumn half-term 2 - celebrations

Creative activities

The children in Nursery have been very busy decorating baubles to decorate the Nursery Christmas tree which they then took home to put on their own trees at home. They also made beautiful Christmas cards to give to their families.


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Picture 3

Christmas party

On the last Friday of term all of the children were invited to our Christmas party. We had great fun playing party games, dancing, eating delicious food and singing. Everyone was excited when a special visitor arrived at our party with a present for all of us.

Christmas concert 2015

We have had lots of fun learning some new songs for the Foundation Christmas play. We sang enthusiastically and made our parents feel very proud.

Spring half-term 1 - patterns

We have been looking at different patterns in Nursery including: spots, stripes and checks. We looked at the different patterns on animals and re-created some of them in our art work. We enjoyed reading the stories about Elmer the patchwork elephant and Dear Zoo.

Spotty cookies

We had a great time baking cookies and we added counted out brightly coloured spots to decorate our biscuits. The best part was when we got to the cookies!

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Pancake Day

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday we cooked pancakes in Nursery. The children helped to add the ingredients and mix them together. Them Mrs Carlton and Mrs Johnson cooked the pancakes and they both managed to toss the pancakes high in the air then catch them back in the pan. Everyone got to choose what they wanted to have on top of their pancake from a range of ingredients: sugar, honey or lemon juice. After the children had seen the pancakes being made some enjoyed using the equipment in the home corner to make their own pancakes.

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Clay pots

A new material was introduced to the children for them to explore, clay. Some of the children were not sure about the texture of the clay to begin with but they were soon happily moulding and shaping it. After they had explored using the clay we used it to make a clay pot for Mother's Day presents with a candle placed inside. Once the clay was shaped into a pot they used tools to create patterns around the edge before painting them. The children enjoyed giving their beautiful presents to their Mums.

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Spring half-term 2 - Heroes

Lots of the children had been playing superheroes so we decided to have this for our topic this half-term. The role play area was set up as a 'Superhero Rescue Centre' where the children could become their own superhero and decide what powers they had and who they were going to rescue. Some children made masks and arm cuffs to complete their superhero outfits.


To introduce the new topic we did a circle time session looking at the difference of 'superheroes' and 'real life' heroes. The children could identify who their favourite superheroes and real life heroes were. Some children brought in pictures from home showing their heroes.


The children often chose to be in the fire service outside and enjoyed dressing up and rescuing people in the playground.

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It's snowing!

When the children saw that it was snowing outside they could not wait to play outside in it so we got the sledges out and had lots of fun. The children explored different patterns they could make in the snow and what it felt like. After they had enjoyed playing in the cold snow we came inside Nursery and had a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows - what a treat!

We had great fun!

We had great fun! 1
We had great fun! 2
We had great fun! 3
We had great fun! 4
We had great fun! 5

Easter activities

For Easter we made a card for our families and drew a beautiful picture of daffodils and tulips using chalk for the front of the card which looked really impressive. We made Easter nests for us to eat at our Easter concert and rabbit ears to wear.

​We enjoyed singing our Easter songs, playing the instruments and doing the actions for our grown ups at our Easter concert. Then we got a surprise message from the Easter bunny telling us that he had left a gift for us in the playground, chocolate eggs. Our parents and carers enjoyed refreshments and we had a collection for Martin House Hospice.

Summer half-term 1 - animals

​The children really enjoy pretending to be animals and playing with the cuddly animals that we have so we decided to use this interest as a basis for our topic they half-term.


The children decided that they wanted a shop so we have created a pet shop, which the children can add to as they make things in Nursery. We are reading stories and looking at information books about animals. In the creative area we have been painting pictures of animals. 

Farm Visit

On Wednesday 20th April we were very lucky to have a visit from some farm animals! The farmers showed us and talked about the different animals they had brought including: alpacas, sheep, ducks and goats. After the children got to feed and touch the animals whilst watching them in their pens. When Mrs Stableford asked a few children what their favourite part of the visit was a lot of them said it was when the farmers made the staff round up the animals because they found it difficult to catch them and it was funny watching them! All of the children had a great time meeting the animals and learning about them.

See the amazing animals we met!

See the amazing animals we met! 1
See the amazing animals we met! 2
See the amazing animals we met! 3
See the amazing animals we met! 4
See the amazing animals we met! 5
See the amazing animals we met! 6
See the amazing animals we met! 7
See the amazing animals we met! 8
See the amazing animals we met! 9
See the amazing animals we met! 10
See the amazing animals we met! 11
See the amazing animals we met! 12

Our new play area!

During the school holiday we have had our new climbing equipment fitted in the playground which provides the children with lots of opportunities to explore and develop their physical skills offering the right level of challenge for children of this age. We are very lucky to have this new equipment and need to say a big THANK YOU to 'Friends of Whitecote' for giving some of the money that has been raised in school towards the cost of it. The children were very excited to see it and could not wait to start exploring it.

These are pictures of our new climbing frame. The children love it!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Coming soon!


June - Nursery will be taking part in the Barnardo's 'Big Toddle'

​June - Reception Open Day for the children starting Reception in September 2016

13th July - Foundation Sports Day 

July - End of year party