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Nursery and Reception classes at Whitecote are being run as a Foundation Unit.


The staff in the unit are as follows:


(F1) Nursery Home Base Teachers - Mrs Lynch and Mrs Stableford.

Nursery assistants: Mrs Carlton and Mrs Myers.

From Easter 2015, we have two new faces in Nursery:  Kim Poole, who is standing in for Mrs Myers who is away on sick leave, and Kathryn Packer who is working in Nursery due to increased  numbers over the Summer Term.


Special Needs Assistant: Miss Greenall.

Nursery Lunchtime Assistants: Mrs Johnson and Dr Kacha.


(F2) Reception Home Base Teachers: Miss Bye and  Mrs Bott

Reception Teaching Assistants: Mrs Robson and Miss Buller

Special Needs Assistants:  Miss Booth, Mrs Greene, Mrs Johnson, Dr Kacha and Miss Gawthorp.


At times, staff will teach in both 'home bases' and children will be free to work and explore in both areas.

Children will always register in, and be collected from, their home base.


In Nursery this half term, our theme is, 'Fairy Tales'.  We have been listening to a variety of stories and are having fun dressing up and playing in our 'Fairy-Tale Castle'.





Picture 1 'Jack and the Beanstalk' - the play dough version.
Picture 2 Our fantastic castle
Picture 3 Building our own castles