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Events 2021-22

Autumn term:

Magical Disco - Thursday 2nd December 21

Xmas Fair - Friday 10th December 21

Spring term:


Summer term:

Summer Festival - Saturday 2nd July 22

Friends Of Whitecote 

The Friends of Whitecote is the name of the traditional PTA at Whitecote Primary School. Its main aim is to raise funds to support school activities and buy extra resources.  

When a child enters Whitecote Primary School, Nursery or Little Doves, the parents or carers of that child automatically become ‘Friends of Whitecote’.  Of course, not everyone wants to be any more involved than that but fortunately, some parents and carers wish to take a more active role in the ‘Friends’ work.  The current Chair is Mrs Toni Armitage and the treasurer is Mr Paul Briscoe. Mrs Vicki Goldsmith is the Vice Chair.  They work together with members of the school staff to organise fundraising events such as the Summer and the Chirstmas Fairs. In addition to fund-raising, they run very successful discos for all the children in the school and have organised Easter Egg hunts and Mothers' day gifts.  In the past, the fund-raising has helped build the adventure trail, provided small playtime equipment, improved the playground markings and bought indoor games for wet playtimes. Recently the Friends of Whitecote have provided money to replace some of the school's waterproof jackets.  The 'Friends' have financed the installation of a  TV monitor, for the main entrance of the school, to show a variety of the children's activities as people enter the school and this year paid for all the children to see a pantomime of 'The Wizard of Oz'

The 'Friends' are always ready to welcome members who wish to take a more active role: to help organise and run events and bring fresh ideas for activities.  This could include parents, carers or even grandparents.  Below is a list of ways you can get in touch if you are interested in supporting the Friends of Whitecote. 

To get in touch you can:

  • Leave contact details at the School Office
  • Telephone us on 0113 216480
  • Fax us on 0113 2164848
  • Speak to Miss Taylor in Year 4
  • Leave your details with any member of staff

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Keep in touch at:

or on Twitter at:  @F_O_Whitecote