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Year 3

Hello and Welcome to the Year 3 webpage


We are very excited about welcoming the children into Key Stage 2 and delighted to see the children settling into their new routines. 



3 Ash: Mrs Goshomi and Miss Booth

3 Pine: Mr Popple and Mrs Keighley



Reading at home is very important. Please encourage your child to read aloud each evening and discuss what they have read.  When your child reads aloud at home, please add a brief note (in the reading record) detailing the date and the page they have reached.



In Year 3, homework is set each Friday and should be returned before or on Thursday of the following week. Homework may be a consolidation of tricky topics covered in class throughout the week, a research task to prepare for new concepts or a personalised activity to help your child in achieving their targets. Please encourage your child to attempt their homework and please feel free to add a note if your child found the task difficult (and required your support) or if you noticed they were particularly confident with the topic. 


In addition to the weekly homework task, year 3 pupils must also work on their multiplication facts (times tables) and spellings at home. All pupils will be quizzed each week. When working with your child, please remember that each fact must be learnt – it is not enough to recite the tables in order. Help your child by quizzing them regularly in different orders.  When learning their multiples of five, you could ask them: 3x5, 4x5, 2x5, 6x5… as this is how they will be quizzed in class. A short list of spellings will also be sent home to learn - and your child should apply the correct spelling of these words during independent writing.



Outdoor PE is on Tuesday afternoon. Children will need a plain white t-shirt, plain black or grey tracksuit bottoms, a plain black or grey tracksuit top/sweatshirt, and trainers. Indoor PE is on a Friday afternoon. Children will need a plain white t-shirt and plain black shorts. Please leave P.E. kit in school because P.E. time may sometimes change.


These are some of the units we are going to be covering:



  •  Place value- partitioning numbers.
  • Addition and subtraction-using numberlines
  • Multiplication and division
  • Explaining our answers and methods of working


  • Recounts
  • Adventure stories
  • Explanation - The process of mummification
  • Letter Writing 


  • Forces and Magnets
  • Plants 
  • Animals including Humans
  • Light
  • Rocks
Year 3 visit to Etz Chaim Synagogue

On Monday 19th October, The children visited the Etz Chaim Synagogue, in Leeds. The aim of the visit was to give the children the experience of being inside a place of worship and learning about the role it has in the life of people from the Jewish faith. 

The visit provided the children with the opportunity to see for themselves, ask questions and find out more about things that they have previously learnt  in RE lessons.

Many of the children were especially excited when they spotted the mezuzahs on the door posts, as last term they had made their own and put a scroll inside with a wish or a dream for their own family. The Ten Commandments written in Hebrew also caused a flurry of interest.

Our class visit enhanced learning about the Fundamental British Values of  'accepting those of with different faiths and beliefs' and 'mutual respect' by developing knowledge of the global community in which we live.

We had a great time at Bagshaw Museum





To conclude their recent History topic about Ancient Egypt, our Year 3 pupils visited Bagshaw Museum.The children were able to become archaeologists for the morning and dig for artefacts which represented three different Egyptian jobs: a farmer, a doctor and a embalmer. 


They were then able to handle some real artefacts at the museum, being very careful and looking at their appearance to think about what they could be used for and what they were made from.



They got to see all the artefacts that you would find in an un-robbed tomb. These included pottery, amulets, jewellery and even food! There were canopic jars, a real hand and body parts wrapped in bandages. We also had the opportunity to make our own Cartouche using the Ancient Egyptian alphabet and papyrus.


We learnt the fourteen ways to mummify people and some children volunteered to get wrapped up like a mummy!

We all had a fantastic day and learnt a lot.




Year 3 Farm Visit


On 17th May, Year 3 visited New Hall Farm in Barnsley.  

Children had an opportunity to experience the countryside and kick their senses into action: seeing, listening, smelling, observing, recording, enjoying!

-Discover where our food comes from - and so much more!

Many thanks to Miss Hulley, Kay (Yorkshire Food Discovery) and Helen (the farmer), who organised the visit.