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Meeting for Parents about Haworth to be held on Wednesday 18th May in Y4 at 5.15pm.  We will quickly go through the Powerpoint shown at the last meeting, introduce most of the adults who are going with us and it will be your chance to ask any questions.  We aim to be finished by about 5.40pm and then there will be a short time for questions of a more confidential nature to be answered.  

Please get in touch at any time if you do have questions about the residential. 


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 webpage

We are now two thirds of the way through this school year, it is still going so quickly.  We have recently welcomed Miss Akhtar and Miss Coggon to our Year 4 team, who will be working with us until the end of June.


This term, we will be preparing for our residential in Howarth in June.  We have already held a meeting to introduce the residential to parents and sent out a kit list so that you can start to prepare for the visit.  We will be holding another meeting for parents soon, to give out more information and answer any questions you may have.  Please make sure you have paid up in full before the end of April.  If you are eligible for Free School Meals then please speak to the Office staff about a discount on how much you will need to pay for the Haworth residential.


Our lessons this term are very much linked to our residential.  English lessons focus on the writing of the Bronte sisters while History and Geography include work on comparisons between Bramley and Haworth now and in the past  and using maps to find out about grid references 


 The 2 classes are 4 Maple and 4 Juniper.  Miss Taylor is the teacher in 4 Maple, while 4 Juniper’s teacher is Mrs Jobling and Mrs Hepworth supports her.  Mrs Rush and Mrs Stefanova regularly volunteer their help in Year 4 too.



Our timetable for the Spring term is swimming on Wednesday afternoon and Outdoor PE on FRIDAY afternoon.  The children will need the correct uniform for the outdoor PE: plain white t-shirt, plain grey or black jogging bottoms and trainers.  They may also need a black or grey top.



The Aspire reward system continues this year.  We hope to be able to give out lots of eligibility slips at the end of each week because children have been on time every day, worn the correct uniform, had PE and swimming kit at the right times and demonstrated good behaviour in school.  If children receive rewards for activities out of school, we would also really like to hear about these. 



We will aim to teach mainly Maths and English in the mornings, though with our cross-curricular activities, other subjects may also be included before lunch.  Maths will involve work on the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as learning about units of measure.  In English, the children will be writing diaries, explanations, formal letters and stories.  They will also be focusing on developing their handwriting and answering comprehension questions.  In Science we will be learning about sound and electricity. 



Maths and English homework will be set weekly and generally will be sent out each Friday.  It must be returned by the following Wednesday.   Most of the time, the homework should be completed in books and it is important that these are looked after carefully.  Sometimes, we may ask that homework is  done on a separate piece of paper.  If homework is not returned on time, children will be expected to complete it during playtimes and lunchtimes (they will of course be given time to eat their lunch).  Children are also expected to read at home each evening.  Please try to make time for this as it has such an impact on all other areas of learning.  Reading books and reading records should be brought to school each day and taken home each evening.

Spellings and times tables will be given each week too.  Please ensure your child spends some time each evening learning these so that they develop quick recall of the spelling patterns and times tables for use in other lessons. 

Soup Topic.

Each week of the SPring term, a group of children made a soup.  This was then tasted by all the children in the class.  By the end of the half term, all the children  had the experience of making at least one variety of soup so that after the half term holiday they began to design their own soup.  We thought about how to package the soup, how it could be advertised, who it would be best for and what it could be eaten with.

The first soup we made was Versatile Vegetable Soup.  The recipe is below.  We have added the other recipes.  We encouraged all the children to taste each of the soups as it is surprising how many like them when they try them, although they were allowed to leave it if they really didn't like them.


Congratulations to a number of children who have received Dolphin Swimming Awards recently both in private and school lessons:

Kian Burns                                 Steven Morgan

Shaun McGinnes                      Gracjan Szeliga

Ava Cook                                  Casey Bailey

Logan Grey                               Oliver Smith

Abi O’Hanlan                            Kelsey Strain

Kyisha Wilson                           Alisia Mills

Darcey Douglas                        Lauren Berry 

Katie Craven                             Thomas Pannell

Jordan Massey                         Breigan Hedigan

Marta Blinkova                         Kaitlin Johnson

Mollie Iceton                             Alexia Al-Usta

Samuel Hoey                            Finn Hoey

Leo Townend


Horton Grange

Just before Christmas, Year 4 developed their links with Horton Grange School by visiting for a morning of Christmas activities.  Although the children were very quiet at first, they soon started chatting and getting to know each other.  They made Christmas crafts, coloured bookmarks, completed wordsearches and then we all joined together for a sing song at the end.

Thanks to all the staff and children of Year 4 at Horton Grange for a great morning.

Versatile Vegetable Soup Recipe

Preparing the veg for the soup

Recipe for Mary Berry's Leek and Potato Soup

making Leek and Potato Soup

Recipe for Tomato and Basil Ssouptomato

Recipe for Lentil Soup

4 Maple made delicious Cheese Scones. You could make some at home using the recipe above.

4 Maple made delicious Cheese Scones.  You could make some at home using the recipe above. 1

Haworth Residential.  

Thanks to those parents who could attend the meeting about the Haworth residential yesterday.  For those who could not attend, the presentation is uploaded below.  Please click on the icon to download the slides.  

A cash deposit of £20 is payable by Friday 6th November.  Further payment details are included in the presentation and we will send out reminders and texts to help you keep your payments up to date. 

If you have any questions, please contact either Mrs Jobling or Miss Taylor.  

4 Maple Farm Visit


On 7th October, 4 Maple visited New Hall Farm in Barnsley.  Despite the very wet weather, the children enjoyed learning about a working farm.  

Many thanks to Mrs Jobling for going in place of Miss Taylor and suffering the cold and mud and also to Mrs Rush, Mr Turner and Miss Packer who were cheerful throughout. Also thank you to Kay (Yorkshire Food Discovery) and Helen (the farmer), who organised the visit. Some children's written work will be uploaded soon but meanwhile, enjoy some photos of the day.


Miss Taylor