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Year 4

Hello and welcome to the Year 4 webpage!

The Autumn Term in Year 4

Welcome to Year 4, we are really looking forward to getting to know all of the children and parents over the year

We already have several visits and visitors planned for the year so look out for letters about these.



The staff in Year 4 are Miss Bowers who teaches 4 Spruce and is supported by Miss Akther and in 4 Birch, Miss Taylor is supported by Mrs Keighley.  Our doors open at 8.45am each morning and we ask the children to line up on the patio before they come into school.  



The Aspire reward system continues this year.  We hope to be able to give out lots of eligibility slips at the end of each week because children have worn the correct uniform, including school shoes, had PE and swimming kit at the right times and demonstrated good behaviour in school.  If children receive rewards for activities out of school, we would also really like to hear about these. 



Swimming will be on a Wednesday afternoon and Indoor PE on a Friday afternoon.



Maths and English homework will be set weekly and will be sent out each Friday. This must be returned by the following Wednesday. Children are also expected to read at home every evening. Reading books and reading records should be brought to school each day and taken home each evening.


Spellings and times tables will be given each week.  Please ensure your child spends some time each evening learning these so that they develop quick recall of the spelling patterns and times tables for use in other lessons.


We try to share as much information as possible with parents, as early as possible but if you have any queries about Year 4, then please ask one of the members of staff.


Well done to all the children who wore some fantastic (and very scary) costumes on Spooky Friday.


Spooky Friday




4 Birch spent the day in Haworth on Tuesday.  We had a great time and the weather was very kind to us.  The children were fascinated by the artefacts in the Brontë Parsonage Museum.  They saw some original things the sisters would have used to write their famous books and also copies from the BBC TV series about the family.  The moors were windy and chilly but the scenery brought to life the story of Wuthering Heights and we could all imagine Heathcliff running over the heather and grasses, being chased by Catherine.  Fortunately, the children are too young to have heard of Kate Bush and her famous song!

Another popular place was the sweetshop and all the children spent some time in here.

Thanks to Mrs Keighley, Mrs Hepworth and Miss Bowers who came with us and also thanks to the children, who behaved brilliantly all day.



Thanks to all the parents who could come to the meeting today.  We appreciate that many parents could not come so please look at the presentation which was shared with parents and children this afternoon.  Please ask Year 4 staff if you have any questions.  There will be a lot more information in the coming months.


We will send out text reminders for payment deadlines and when we need forms, etc. returning.


4th January 2018 CE      ROMAN INVASION

The Centurions of 4 Birch successfully invaded the barbaric Celts of 4 Spruce today.  Wearing their gold helmets with red plumes, the soldiers marched into the classroom, re-arranged the furniture and offered the Celts the chance to join the Roman army.  The leader of the tribe, Miss Bowers, was sent to Rome as a slave to the Emperor and 3 of the young tribe members declined the offer.  they were taken away and 'killed'!  All those who agreed to join the army were presented with a silver helmet and a gold or silver (and white chocolate) coin as their first wages.


The soldiers all then left to invade the next village.