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Year 4

Horton Grange Sports Day - July 2017

A great day for all Year 4 as they met up with their partners from Horton Grange and we enjoyed several Sports Day activities on the field and playground in brilliant sunshine.

Congratulations to all those who won medals and trophies for the best team, best individuals and fastest runners from each school.  Photo to appear soon.

The children are looking forward to continuing the links when they are in Year 5.




Brilliant residential at Arnside for 4 Pine, despite awful weather on each day.  The children's behaviour was fantastic and none of them complained about the torrential rain or very strong winds.  More details and photos soon.  Well done to all!

4 Pine at Arnside. June 2017

4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 1 The Youth Hostel
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 2 A woolly 'caterpillar'.
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 3 The rain did stop while we ate lunch.
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 4 Callum found a large toad on our 'minibeast hunt'!
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 5 Searching for minibeasts under logs.
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 6 Passing 'energy' from herbivores to predators.
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 7 Examining different types of feathers.
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 8 Looking at beaks and talons
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 9 The 'blue' sky of Arnside!
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 10 Trying to sketch in the wind.
4 Pine at Arnside.  June 2017 11 And a happy tme was had by all.

Hello and welcome to the Year 4 webpage!

Summer Term 2

Welcome back to the last half term of the year.  

Our main topic this half term is 'Arnside'.  most of the children will be visiting the town on the residential next week and we will be doing lots of work while we are there.  We will be looking at the history of Arnside and comparing it to the modern town and also to Bramley along with using maps and compasses.  We will be finding out about different environments, the animals which live in them and how changes can affect the animals.  We have a visit to Horton Grange planned for a sports day and there will also be our own school Sports Day.  

Swimming will continue to be on Wednesday afternoon and Oudoor PE will be on TUESDAY afternoon for the rest of the year.


Last Arnside meeting in the school hall on Thursday 11th May at 2.30pm.
Sorry for the change in timetable, but please try to remember OUTDOOR P.E. is now on THURSDAYS until the next holiday.


The 2 classes are 4 Pine and 4 Ash.  Miss Taylor is the teacher in 4 Pine, supported by Mrs Duxbury and Mrs Syron while 4 Ash’s teacher is Miss Bashford and Miss Child supports her.


Summer Term

It is difficult to believe we are at the 3rd and final term of Year 4 already.  Time has flown by.  What a successful Spring term we have had too ending with the fantastic performances of Beauty and the Beast.  The children worked so hard to make it a success and I am sure we have to thank parents as well for listening to songs and script lines repeated time and time again.  It really was worth all the 'suffering'!

In the Summer term, we have the residential to Arnside (5th June 4 Pine and 7th June 4 Ash) to look forward to.  We will be holding a meeting nearer the time to give out more information and final details.  Thanks to all the parents who are keeping up with the payments.  The final instalment (or payment in full) should be made by Friday 21st April 2017.



The Aspire reward system continues this year.  We hope to be able to give out lots of eligibility slips at the end of each week because children have worn the correct uniform, including school shoes, had PE and swimming kit at the right times and demonstrated good behaviour in school.  If children receive rewards for activities out of school, we would also really like to hear about these. 



Our timetable for this half term, is swimming on a Wednesday afternoon and Outdoor PE on Friday afternoons. The timetable will be changing after half term but we will let you know about these changes nearer the time. 



We will continue to teach mainly Maths and English in the mornings, though with our cross-curricular activities, other subjects may also be included before lunch.  Maths will focus on shape, measures and data handling this term.  In English, the children will be writing explanations, poetry and stories.  They will also be focusing on developing their handwriting and answering comprehension questions.  Our main topic for this term is ‘Arnside'.  A lot of our topic work will be in preparation, leading up to the residential in June: map work, compass points, habitats and food chains.  We will also be studying human digestion and teeth.



Maths and English homework will be set weekly and generally will be sent out each Friday and must be returned by the following Wednesday.  If homework is not returned on time, children will be expected to complete it during playtimes and lunchtimes (they will of course be given time to eat their lunch).  Children are also expected to read at home every evening.  Please try to make time for this as it has such an impact on all other areas of learning.  Reading books and reading records should be brought to school each day and taken home each evening.

Spellings and times tables will be given each week too.  Please ensure your child spends some time each evening learning these so that they develop quick recall of the spelling patterns and times tables for use in other lessons.


We try to share as much information as possible with parents, as early as possible but if you have any queries about Year 4, then please ask one of the members of staff.

Reminders for The Summer Term

1.  The final Arnside payment instalment of £10  is due by Friday 21st April.  You are welcome to make payments of any amount at any time.  

2.  Outdoor PE will be on Friday afternoons.  Children need black tracksuit bottoms, a black tracksuit top and a white t-shirt along with trainers.  





Horton Grange visit to Whitecote March 2017

The Year 4 children from Horton Grange visited us on 24th March to watch the dress rehearsal of Beauty and the Beast.  The children and staff were impressed with the production and afterwards, children were able to renew their friendships when they played out altogether.  

The Horton Grange children had made us Easter cards which we looked at later.


Year 4 Visit to Horton Grange School - December 2016          

 Whitecote had been invited to spend a morning doing Christmas activities Horton Grange Primary School, Bradford.  

Wearing Christmas badges, headbands and hats, Year 4 set off to meet new friends at Horton Grange.  The children from Whitecote had already been paired up with a child from Horton Grange and postcards had been exchanged so all the children were very excited to be finally meeting face to face.  


On our arrival, the 2 classes went their separate ways and met their pen pals.  4 Pine spent some time in the hall, making 2 long Christmas paper chains.  Horton Grange kept one and we brought the other back to hang in our classroom.  At first it was fairly quiet as the children suddenly became very self conscious and quiet (not the normal behaviour at all) but after only a short time, conversations began between all the children.  Meanwhile, 4 Ash split into 2 groups and made pipe cleaner Christmas trees and Christmas cards.


The 2 Whitecote and 3 Horton Grange classes enjoyed a playtime outside altogether.  It was great to see the children mixing so well and not just sticking to those they knew best.


After the break, we swapped the activities and then eventually all met up in the hall again for a sing-a-long to some Christmas songs: Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells and, the most popular by far, 'The 12 Days of Christmas'.


Then, it was time to say our Thank you and Goodbye.  The morning passed so quickly and we were all sad that we had such a short time to get to know each other.  We will be writing to our pen pals after Christmas and we have invited Horton Grange to watch a performance of the Year 3/4 play before Easter and we are hoping to meet up again in the Summer term.  


 Our children were a credit to Whitecote with their brilliant behaviour and the pairings seemed to work really well.  Thank you to the staff and adult volunteers who came with us, to the staff and pupils of Horton Grange for their organisation and for making us feel so welcome.  We are looking forward to meeting them all again.


4 Pine at Horton Grange.

Haworth Visits


Class 4 Pine are visiting Haworth on 3rd October

Class 4 Ash are visiting Haworth on 4th October


Year 4 Haworth Visits


As part of our work on the Bronte Sisters, each Year 4 class spent a wonderful day in Haworth this week.  


The adventures included a lovely walk on the moors in brilliant sunshine with stops for some sketching, snacks and drinks.   At the Bronte Parsonage Museum, the children saw the actual table the sisters sat at to write their famous stories and the sofa on which Emily died.  They gained an idea of how the Bronte sisters lived 150 years ago.  A walk down the famous cobbled shopping street of the village allowed the children opportunities to see the similarities and differences between Bramley and Haworth and there was also a chance to buy some old fashioned sweets at the sweet shop.  Well, Miss Taylor bought some childhood favourites but the children mainly bought things which turned their tongues bright blue!



We could not have been luckier with the weather.  It was better weather in October than experienced by some on the last two residentials in June.  Thanks to the staff who accompanied the Year 4 classes.

4 Pine @ Haworth

Arnside Presentation for Parents

October 2016 - December 2016

Some changes to our timetable for next half term:  

  • PE will be on Friday afternoon and will be indoors.  Children will need black shorts and a white t-shirt.  Girls will need long hair tied back.  This is instead of outdoor PE on Mondays.
  • Swimming will continue on Wednesday afternoons.
  • We have a visit to our link school, Horton Grange, to look forward to this half term, for some Christmas activities.

Dance routine for audition

Still image for this video
If you want to audition for a dance part for the year 3/4 play (Beauty and the Beast), please practise from this video.
Auditions will be held in Miss Bashford's classroom on Monday at lunchtime. Children in year 3 and 4, that don't have a part in the play, are welcome to audition.