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Hello, welcome to Year 4’s web page. It is difficult to believe we are already in the final term of this year and the children continue  to work hard to produce some top quality work.

Our main topic this term is Haworth with plans for the residential well underway.  Please take a look at the presentation and information letters in the Year 4 part of the website to find out where we will be going and what we will be doing while we are there.  I know the children and staff are getting very excited about the visit.


LITERACY.  This half term our work will be around the Brontes, with their obvious links to Haworth: doing research about them and reading children's versions of some of their most famous writing.  Please make sure you read at home with your child most days and that they have their reading book in school every day.  It is important that you help them learn their weekly spellings too.



MATHS.  There will be consolidation of basic facts as well as developing skills in fractions and decimals and 3-d shapes.

We will link data handling to other topics along with practical measuring activities.

You can support by making sure your child learns their times tables and completes their homework on time.


In Geography, we will be looking at the different countries which make up the U.K.   We will also consider how Bramley and Haworth are similar and different in the types of shops and the land use.


There are slight changes to our PE days after the residential: Swimming will be on a Friday afternoon from June 5th and indoor PE will be on Wednesdays.  The reason for the changes is that the PE is gym taught by a specialist teacher.


HOMEWORK will usually be given out on Thursdays and must be handed in by the following Tuesday.   There is a Homework Club run on Monday lunchtimes for anyone who needs support, access to equipment and computers or just time to do it.  Please make sure Miss Taylor knows if you want to attend Homework Club each week.  Spellings and times tables to learn are also given weekly.  Please try to practise these with your child 







Last week, Year 4 visited a Sikh temple in Bradford.  Here are some quotes from the children who went on the visit and some photographs.


Quotes from the children.


“I liked listening to the music best and going into the Langhar room. It was really exciting. We even got to see the Guru Granth Sahib!”



“The Guru Granth Sahib was smaller than I expected. Mr Chhokar waved the chauri over it. I like the music, It was really interesting.”



“When I stepped into the main room I thought, luxury! At first I thought it was a red, gold and real diamond chandelier, but the man told us it was fake, like the one I have in my living room. Two men, called priests, played Indian music. It reminded me of Algerian weddings.”



“The building looked really cool.”



VISIT TO A SIKH TEMPLE 1 Priests playing traditional musical instruments
VISIT TO A SIKH TEMPLE 2 Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara, a Sikh Temple in Bradford.
VISIT TO A SIKH TEMPLE 3 A Manji Sahib, the is holy book under the cloth.
VISIT TO A SIKH TEMPLE 4 Looking at the Guru Granth Sahib.
VISIT TO A SIKH TEMPLE 5 Mr Chhokar our guide.

4 Holly at Haworth

Both the Year 4 classes recently spent a few days at Haworth, near Keighley.  We had already done some work on th Bronte family in preparation for the visit.  The plan was for both classes to follow the same programme but plans had to change because of the different weather types the classes encountered.  Here is a recount of 4Holly’s stay in Haworth.


Having arrived at the youth hostel and unloaded the coach, the children and staff climbed back on the coach for a quick journey to the car park at the village centre.  After a quick toilet stop, the party set out on a walk to Bronte Waterfall.  There were a few houses and farms to pass first but then we were out on the open, desolate Haworth Moors.  These are the moors included in the story Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.  The walk started off pleasantly enough but after about 2 miles it was on with the cagoules as the rain started.  Unfortunately, the rain persisted for the rest of the walk and it became colder and colder.  The children completed the walk to the Falls, with a quick stop for lunch,  and then back again to the youth hostel – 7 miles in all - with few complaints but we were all happy to be able to go to our rooms and change out of our dripping clothes.


The cold and wet were soon forgotten when we tucked into our first meal at the youth hostel.  There was plenty of choice but most people chose chicken followed by apple crumble.


As the very bad weather persisted, the short walk to the park in the evening was cancelled and the children enjoyed playing games and discussing the days events before listening to the ending of the Wuthering Heights story we had begun at school.


The second day at Haworth was centred around the village itself.  Following a huge breakfast, we walked the 2 miles to the village and then split in half, one group going straight to the Bronte Parsonage Museum and the other group studying the village street and church and comparing it with Bramley.  We met up for lunch and then spent some time in the graveyard doing rubbings of the grave stones.  Then the groups reversed the activities of the morning.  Once again the weather became bad and one group ended up sheltering under the new bandstand in the park to get away from the strong winds and heavy rain.  By the time they were joined by the museum group, the rain had luckily stopped and the children were able to ‘investigate’ the equipment in the park.


Back at the youth hostel for tea and the most popular choice was pizza followed by sticky toffee pudding with ice cream or custard (or even both).  The children elected not to go to the park again as the weather still wasn’t good and we were very tired but some of them ventured out into the hostel grounds for a few games.  This was followed by showers and bed.


After a fantastic cooked breakfast again, we spent an hour packing bags and clearing out rooms.  Then the last morning was spent looking at the more modern part of Haworth, following a treasure hunt around a different park and some team building in the park. 


Finally, it was back to the youth hostel to wait for the coach to collect us and return us to Bramley.


Despite the very unpleasant conditions, the children got a lot out of the visit: for many of them it was the furthest they had ever walked in one go, they support and encouraged each other in all the activities and they showed curiosity and inquisitiveness about their surroundings, especially in the museum.  There were several comments from the museum and shop staff about the fantastic behaviour and manners of all the children and their interesting questions about the exhibits.  There were also comments from the public about how well the children behaved.  They were all a credit to the school and to their parents and Miss Taylor, Mrs Hepworth, Mrs Oxley and Mrs Pal all thank the children for settling reasonably early on the two nights!


Picture 1 Walking on the moors in blue school cagoules
Picture 2 Walking along the lane in blue school cagoules
Picture 3 Having fun in the park n blue school cagoules
Picture 4 Gnomes had blown over in the strong winds!

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