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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Year 6 staff:

Fir: Miss Masters, Mrs Sherman, Mrs Mollett and Mrs Sanderson

Willow: Miss Wager and Mrs Oxley 

Maths Set: Mr Tuck 

Main Topics:



Children identify where rainforests are found in the world. They will learn

about the layers that make up the rainforest and the animals that can be

found within them. They will also investigate the effects of deforestation on

the wider world.




This unit consolidates understanding of what happens when a variety of solids dissolve. Experimental work focuses on making and testing predictions, planning a fair test and repeating observations and measurements and evaluating these.


In English we will be:


  • Writing newspaper reports
  • Revising Grammar
  • Improving spelling


In Maths we will be:


  • Revising key mathematical concepts


Other Curriculum Areas:


Drawing rainforest animals using different mediums


Worship in the community


Data Handling

Music & Sound






Getting on and Falling Out

  • When I am working in a group I can tell people if I agree or don’t agree with them and why.
  • When I am working in a group I can listen to people when they don’t agree with me and think about what they have said.
  • I know that sometimes difference can be a barrier to friendship.
  • I try to recognise when I, or other people, are pre-judging people, and I make an effort to overcome my own assumptions.
  • I know how it might feel to be excluded or treated badly because of being different in some way. 


News & information:



Indoor – Tuesday

Outdoor – Friday

Children need to have both PE kits in school on a Monday and leave it in school for the whole week as PE days can occasionally change at the last minute.


Dates to remember:

May Bank Holiday – 4/5/2015

SATs Week – 11/5/2015

Break up – 15/05/2015

Year 6 Highlights

Swillington Farm and Ledston Estate

Lego City Workshop

Victorian School Room (Armley Mills)