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Summer task 2020


Mrs Stableford, Miss Poole and Mrs Hesson would like to see what interesting facts that you can find out about the beech tree during the summer holiday.


Your class name has not changed from year 3, so you may already know some facts about the beech tree.


Things that you may want to investigate are:

  • Where does the beech tree grow?
  • What do the leaves of a beech tree look like?
  • What does the bark look like?
  • How high can beech trees grow?
  • How do beech trees change throughout the year?
  • What threats do the beech trees face to their survival?
  • Are there different types of beech tree?
  • What wildlife do they attract?
  • Any other interesting facts that you can find out.


Choose a way that you want to present your findings, you could:

  • make an information poster 
  • draw a picture and label the features
  • make a model
  • make a fact sheet
  • create a PowerPoint presentation
  • make a video explaining what you have found out
  • or choose your own way to present your information.


When you have completed the task, ask your grown up to email your work to us at


Also, remember to keep reading as much as you can and to practise your times tables (you will still be able to use ‘Times Table Rockstars’ throughout the holiday) ready for September.


We are all really looking forward to seeing what fabulous information you can find out and the imaginative ways that you choose to present it to us. 


Have a great summer holiday, stay safe and we will see you all in September!


From Mrs Stableford, Miss Poole and Mrs Hesson