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School Name

Whitecote Primary School

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5 Chestnut

Hi 5 Chestnut,


Miss Taylor, Miss Child and Mr Hannah are already making socially distanced plans for September.  We are really looking forward to being back in school with you. 


As our new class name will be 5 Chestnut, I would like you to do find out about the Chestnut tree over the Summer holiday.. 


Activities you could do

Research on the internet

Research through books

Go outside and find an example of a chestnut tree

Pick a few leaves, fruit or seeds

Compare different chestnut trees, how are they the same and different?


Ways you could present your ideas

make a video

draw pictures

do paintings

make a collage

make a model

take photographs

collect examples

any other method you can think of.


Things you could find out

Is there more than one type of chestnut tree

The shape of the tree

The shape of the leaves

What the seeds and fruit look like

Which animals live on or eat parts of the chestnut tree


These are just ideas to get you started but let your imagination go and make your work both interesting and well presented.  Then all you have to do is get your grown up to email it to me at


I am looking forward to seeing all your activities and most of all to seeing you again in September.  Have a great holiday and stay safe.