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Whitecote Primary School

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Curriculum Intent Statement


Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination and is a form of expression and communication. Whitecote children will be given the freedom to explore, create and develop ideas, whilst developing key concepts and skills such as line, shape, form and colour. They will learn about a range of artists, craft makers and designers from past and present to support their understanding of art and its role in the world. We aim to inspire, nurture and challenge children to express their individuality.

Subject Whole-School Long-Term Plan

Art Whole-School Skills Progression Document

Bramley Sketching project

Here are some examples of the children's sketching from the start of the year. They were tasked in sketching buildings in their local area. The sketches were done from Year 1 up to Year 6. What a fantastic job they did!


Sketchbooks are such an important resource in Art. They allow the children to develop skills and express their creativity in so many different ways. We teach our children to use their sketchbooks as a journey - it is not the outcome necessarily that is important but the journey they take to get there. You could continue this exploration with a sketchbook at home for the children to express their ideas and thoughts in. They really enjoy taking ownership of them, doodling in them and trying out new skills. The best thing about them though, is there is no right or wrong.

Sketchbook examples coming soon...

Skill Development

Across all year groups children develop their skills through 8 key concepts:

• Colour

• Line

• Tone

• Pattern

• Form

• Space

• Shape

• Texture

These examples show children in a range of year groups exploring and developing their knowledge of line, colour and pattern.