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Whitecote Community Group has now merged with Friends of Whitecote

Welcome to Whitecote Community Group


The Community Team is a collective of parents and Whitecote School staff working together to support the school community by creating social events that families can enjoy and benefit from as well as promoting the school and creating links with the wider community.


The team is growing in numbers, which is excellent, a great team with great ideas for things we can do to benefit the children of the school and parents alike.


Who's who

Chair Person:  Aly Briscoe

Mum of two who both attend Whitecote Primary School and keen to support the school. Approachable and friendly, if you want to join the community team or feel you may have some ideas that you want to bring to the party – just let us know.


Vice Chairperson:  Danielle Barkerwood

Friendly and enthusiastic mum of three, currently two attending Whitecote Primary School. Class teacher in a Bradford primary school. 


Community Liaison Officer:  Andrea Gillard

Andrea is employed by the school to improve relationships and the schools status within the community. You will find Andrea in the school office.


Community Team Initiatives


Coat and Uniform Exchange:  If your child outgrows a winter coat or uniform and you feel it still has plenty of life in it – drop it in to the office.  At every event we run we will have a uniform and coat box so if you are short of any items, you are welcome to help yourself to any extras you may want.


Community Days:  We invite the community to come together and help improve areas of the school. 


All community team members have been approaching local businesses to ask for donations for events, raffle prizes or their expertise that will benefit the school, the grounds or the pupils directly. As a result we have received £30 worth of Easter Eggs for the Chocolate Bingo Evening. We are also hoping to be included in the Bags of Help scheme at Bramley Tescos in the hope of monetary donations.




Bring and Buy Sale

This was a great event and opportunity for parents to pick up a bargain! With a selection of clothes, toys and bric-a-brac – some brand new and labelled items – parents and children could pay what they could afford for any of the donations. Thank you to all that donated and for those that supported the event. It was great to see the kids looking for a Mother’s Day gift or an item of clothing or toy for a younger sibling. That’s what these events are all about. Nearly £200 was raised and this money will go directly back into the school to benefit our families.      


Chocolate Bingo Evening

An amazing evening was had by all, fun bingo games for the children and adults, along with family games and lots of opportunities to win chocolate treats!!  



We hold meetings in two sessions – an evening meeting, held by the Chairperson in a local pub to suit those that can’t make a day time meeting or would prefer to get their creative juices flowing in a more casual environment over a beverage. This is then closely followed by a 2.30pm meeting in the school house, held by the vice Chairperson, for parents and staff prior to collecting children at home time. Meeting notes are shared between the two meetings and actions put in place to move ideas and plans forward. 


Chocolate Bingo 18/04/19

Bring & Buy Sale