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Can you write a story and film yourself reading it out loud?


Why not have a go at some Easter baking?

This website has lots of fantastic recipe ideas.

I think the Lemony Easter Chicks look delicious!


Take a look through the website and see if you want to make something.

Don’t forget to ask permission and check that you have the right ingredients!





Why don't you write a letter/postcard to me telling me about your holidays so far?


**Pop a picture on the FB page so we can see them or email them to school**


Here is a crafty idea to keep you busy today 😊


Peek a boo chicks

You will need:
- Coloured card
- A peg
- Googly eyes (or a pen to draw eyes on)
- Glue or double sided sticky tape
- pens
- scissors

1. Start by cutting a rectangle of card about 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Then trim the corners to turn it into an oval egg shape.
2. Draw a zig zag across the egg and cut along the line.
3. Put some glue along the side of the peg, at the top and the bottom of the bit that opens up (you can use double sided tape here instead if needed).
4. Put the egg (with the 2 pieces lined up and together) upside down on the table. Press the sticky part of the peg down onto the egg, making sure that the opening in the peg lines up with the crack in the egg.
5. Cut out a small chick from some card. Draw on a little face with eyes and a beak.
6. Stick the chick on the other side of the peg. You should be able to see the face when you open the peg.


Stay safe 💚💚