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Whitecote Primary School

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Just for fun

Crazy Creatures!



Your challenge is to find the strangest, funniest looking creature you possibly can!
Write down at least 3 interesting facts about it, you can find more if you want to!

Maybe you could draw a picture of it!?

Don't forget to email us your work to

It's science time!


Wanna carry out some fun science investigations in your home!? Here are some activities and ideas for you :)  


These activities are designed to be fun but will also focus on your 'working scientifically skills'. In other words they will have you 'thinking like a scientist'!

The best part is the whole family can join in if they like!

The activities provided will be ones that can be completed using items from your home. If you do not have the items needed for the investigation, please don't feel like you have to go and buy them (unless you really want to!).