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School Menu from February 2022- Menus are three week rolling, please see each menu for applicable dates

School Menus from September 2021- Menus are three week rolling, please see each menu for the dates applicable

School Lunches


At Whitecote, we understand how important it is for pupils to enjoy their school lunches.  We have spent time and effort to ensure that our menus are varied, tasty and nutritious. The majority of our meals are homemade on site, with an emphasis being put on fresh food. We use local suppliers and local produce whenever possible.


We know how difficult it is to encourage children into making a healthy choice, Mrs Waring and Mrs Duckworth (our school cooks) are friendly and will encourage your child to make a healthy choice. Our catering provider, Leeds Catering Service, provide a menu for Whitecote with at least three choices each day.  Two hot meals (one of these is vegetarian)  a sandwich option and a jacket potato are available on most days.  We operate a band system to ensure children are able to select and receive the meal they want each morning.


Theme Days and Special Occasion days run during the term so look out for advertised changes. Each of these school lunch menus meet the food and nutrition guidelines set by the Government.

We are able to cater for all medical and religious diets and vegetarian options are available daily.


Is my child entitled to a Free School Meal?

To find out, you need to contact:

Leeds Benefits Service,

Dudley House

Tel: 0113 2477247

or Parent helpline: 0113 2224404

At home meal ideas and an example shopping list

Packed lunches 

If you wish to provide a packed lunch for your child, this will need to be put in a plastic lunch box or small padded lunch bag.  


We encourage children to eat packed lunches that consist of a variety of nutritious and healthy savoury and sweet portions.  These may include sandwiches, wraps, salads, vegetables, pasta, snack-a-jacks, fresh fruit, yoghurts, cake bars, etc.  Crisps and crisp-type baked goods are not permitted as part of a packed lunch except on Fridays.  Chocolate biscuits are allowed but chocolate bars are not permitted.  If you are not sure whether a particular food is allowed, please check with your child’s class teacher before including it in the packed lunch.


Children should have a cold drink as part of their packed lunch, which needs to be kept in a carton or tight-lidded flask or beaker.  Fizzy drinks, cans and glass bottles are not permitted.  This drink is for lunchtime only.  If a child wants a drink during the rest of the day, a separate bottle of water should be provided


Any cutlery that is needed should be provided in the lunch box but in emergencies school will provide forks and spoons.  All food and wrappers left from a packed lunch can be put into the bins provided on each table in the dining hall.

Examples of food items you could include in a packed lunch