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Whitecote Primary School

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Happy Retirement Ms Allan!

Today we said a fond farewell and good luck to our wonderful Head Teacher Ms Allan. Ms Allan has worked at Whitecote Primary School for 17 years and over this time made a huge impact on the education of thousands of children.


Here is a message from Ms Allan herself:


It is hard after seventeen years of Headship at Whitecote Primary School to say goodbye. I have had a wonderful time at this school and feel we have grown together. We have many successes to celebrate. There have been many changes over the years, everytime there is a new Government or Education Minister there are new expectations, e.g. new curriculums, new tests, harder tests and more demands made upon schools. It is great the way that our staff, parents and children have committed to meet the demands and continually improve. I have always believed that all our children can succeed not just academically but also in their personal and social skills so that they are ready for their next stages in education and life.


It is time to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years. This includes all our amazing staff, our Governors, you as parents and of course the brilliant children. I have many happy memories which I will now have time to dwell on during my more relaxed future. I will continue to be interested in hearing about the great things that children from Whitecote achieve. I wish success to everyone both now and in future.


Goodbye and best wishes


Karen Allan