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Lego came to Year 6 this week!

The Electro City workshop came into school on Thursday, providing a fun filled day of creativity and science in Year 6. Each class spent half a day taking part in the hands-on Science and Technology workshop. There was a huge selection of Lego bricks and electricity equipment enabling each class time to design, build and light up an entire city made of Lego bricks. The children created sky scrapers, flats, houses, fire stations, stadiums, roads, parks and railways before using batteries, bulbs, wires and switches to bring their creations alive.


On the 20th November Year 6 were greeted with a huge surprise when they stepped through the door. The tables were arranged in an L shape with huge boxes of Lego bricks on the top. Steven (Lego Man) explained that we were going to create our own Lego city, which was going to light up! We used Lego, bulb boxes, wires and batteries to create our city and watched in amazement as our city came alive. As well as having fun with Lego we also learnt a great deal about electricity, which is our Science topic. ​​