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Year 4 Arnside Trip

Year 4 at Arnside


We had an extraordinary time and although it rained throughout the whole of the three days, we ignored it and had fun.


On the first day, we went to Arnside Knott, a large hill with 2 ‘knotted’ trees. We didn’t get to the top though because of the weather. What we did do was some fun activities with the National Trust Rangers. We collected caterpillars (made of wool), mini-beast hunting and passing energy in a food chain. We had lots of laughs and splash but we didn’t complain and it couldn’t have been better.


On the second day, we got up early to have breakfast and make sure we caught the train to Silverdale. Luckily, everyone got on and off the train safely. At Leighton Moss Nature Reserve, we went pond dipping and bird watching. During lunch, everyone went to the gift shop. Despite more rain, everyone loved it.


It was Wednesday, the day we would be leaving. Some were happy and some were sad but it was amazing. We went to a shop and ice cream was very popular. After that, we did some sketching and had lunch. Then we returned to the youth hostel, packed the coach and sett off back.


We all enjoyed it!




Year 4