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Year 5 Mosque Visit

Year 5’s visit to Makkah Mosque


Recently the children from year 5 had a visit to Leeds Makkah Mosque.

The morning was really enjoyable. Nasreen welcomed us and showed us around.


Here are a few of the children’s comments after their visit:


“I found out that loads of people go to a mosque every day. I found out that there is a lot to look at and learn about. It was surprising when we went to the top floor. The dome was hollow and covered in loads of Arabic writing. I was really surprised. It was fun to look at.”


“When I went to the mosque I really enjoyed looking at the decorations on the wall. I was surprised that the men and women have different prayer rooms.”


“They had six clocks all together, which tell them the five times they need to pray each day. Nasreen told us that the sixth clock tells people what time to come to the mosque to pray on a Friday, because Friday is an important prayer day for Muslim people.”


“There is a room with sinks in it so you can get washed before you pray.”


“ I enjoyed it because the lady was showing us things that I had never seen before. I was surprised that the lady was speaking to us in English. I learnt that the mosque is a beautiful place to be and it belongs to the community.”


“I enjoyed the trip.”


“I found out that men and women pray separately. The thing that I found interesting was the way the structure of the mosque was set out. It was great to learn how Islamic people pray and speak. The thing I most enjoyed was wearing the traditional clothes and modelling them for year 5. I would have liked to see how they worship in the mosque.”


“I was surprised how big the dome was in the praying room. It was so big and there was a giant chandelier. It took the man six months to decorate the inside of it. I was interested because I like learning new things. I asked what the rosary beads were for. I also learnt that the mosque has a carpet instead of prayer rugs.”