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Year 6 go back to 1884!

Thank you to all our parents who managed to get their children to school this week especially in the bad weather we have had. Although the amount of lates we have been having has reduced we still have one class in particular where some of the children are arriving late on a regular basis, sometimes they are missing the bell by minutes. This does affect their learning so could we please ask again for the children to arrive on time.

This week both of our year 6 classes visited Armley Mills to see how a school room looked in 1884. The report below was written by two pupils.

On the 20th of January 2015 year six from Whitecote Primary School, Bramley, went to Armley Mills. While they were there, the children pretended to be students at a Victorian school.

The Whitecote pupils changed their uniform into  the clothes that they would have worn in Victorian times. Boys wore a white shirt with a black Waistcoat and the Girls wore a Pinafore.

Year six learnt about punishments, lessons and how and what they wrote with.

Learning about punishments may have been fun, however, it was also hard not to feel for the children who received such shocking punishments. Although the punishments sounded harsh, the teachers would have to be harsh with 70+ children in a class                                                                         Having decided to help their fathers with chores, children would be caned if they were not clean.

Children wrote on slates with chalk and used ink pens to write on paper. However slate had to be rubbed off with a cloth, sleeve or a finger.

Boys and girls did the same lessons in the morning but in the afternoon, it was a different story. After lunch, the girls would do sewing and cooking but the boys did woodwork as well as geography. This is what we learnt when we went to the Victorian School room. We hope you enjoyed reading it.