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Whitecote Primary School

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Hello and welcome to Whitecote Nursery!


 A big welcome to Whitecote Nursery, we are sure you are going to love it here!



This year in Nursery the staff are:

Nursery teacher: Miss Mumby

Nursery Officers: Mrs Myers & Miss Brooke

Teaching Assistants: Miss Packer & Mrs Bentley

Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs Bentley, Mrs Illingworth & Miss Brooke


Nursery Sessions:

You can choose for your child to attend mornings or afternoons, or for two and a half days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning OR Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday). We now offer 30 hour places from all day Monday to Friday - please see a member of staff for the eligibility criteria.


Doors open in the morning at 8.45 am and the morning sessions finish at 11.35 am when doors open for 10 minutes to allow you to collect your children. The afternoon sessions start at 12.15 pm, and finish at 3.05 pm, again allowing 10 mins to collect your children and gates close at 3.15 pm. Only those children staying all day will need a packed lunch. 


This half term our topic is TRAVEL. We will be learning about different types of transport, which type of transport is suitable for which journeys and what it would be like if we didn’t have transport. 


We will also be discussing journeys that we have made, drawing maps and thinking about exercise.



In maths, we will be focusing on counting accurately, recognising numerals to 5 and then 10 and comparing amounts.

We will also be finding, naming and describing different shapes and comparing lengths.


Communication & Literacy

We will be encouraging the children to join in with known stories and enjoy looking at books in the library area.

The children will also develop their listening skills, and they will be encouraged to speak in longer sentences.

We will also be continuing to recognise and write some letter sounds.




At Whitecote, we use an online learning journey called Tapestry to send home photos and descriptions of what your child has been doing at Nursery.

Please take some time to have a look at what your child has been doing at school. 

We would also like to see what your child has been doing at home, so please upload things to Tapestry.