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Below are some activities which cover a range of the EYFS objectives to support your child whilst you are at home. Do some of them or all of them but above all have fun!


We would be continuing our Traditional Tales topic in Nursery this week with 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Read the story or watch the animated story with your child. Encourage them to join in with the repeated phrases - "I'll huff and I'll puff". Re - read the story throughout the week and encourage your child to tell you what happens next, discuss the characters etc.


Maths / Physical

Bake - real or playdough - kneading dough is great for your child's fine motor skills, developing strength in their fingers and hands. Measure ingredients / count toppings / count candles.


Memory / Concentration

Play 'Kims Game' - Place items on a tray and ask your child to look at them carefully and remember them. Cover with a blanket and take something away - can they identify the object?


Physical / Maths 

Play a ball game - football, catch, dodgeball and discuss how exercise makes you feel and how it is important to keep us healthy.

Please also keep checking Tapestry for more information and upload observations of your child at home if possible. 


Here are some useful links for home learning website: 

Username: march20 Password: home 

Little Baby Bum has lots of great nursery rhyme / educational songs on YouTube

This one is good for environmental sounds but if you type Little Baby Bum songs into YouTube there is a large variety of songs.


Next week in school we will be learning; 


  • 2D shapes and describing them - sides, corners - moving to 3D shape if your child knows 2D. 
  • Representing number in different ways e.g. 5 fingers, 5 cubes, 5 star jumps etc, counting to 10 and identifying numbers to 5-10
  • We also use numberblocks and alphablocks in school so feel free to watch and discuss the different episodes



  • Rhythm and Rhyme - singing nursery rhymes, reading rhyming books ( Julia Donaldson - Gruffalo, squash and a squeeze etc )
  • singing 'silly soup song ' ( your child will know it ) using objects that rhyme, putting them in the bowl and mixing them up - cat, mat, hat etc



  • We have been reading traditional tales and will be continuing with 'The three little pigs'. If you don't have the story here is a link to an online version Please talk to your child about the story, can they retell it to you, say the repeated phrases, talk about the characters.
  • Please feel free to read any other traditional tales alongside - Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk etc.


Understanding the World

  • We will be looking at materials in line with 'The three little pigs' and their houses. You could find objects around your house and see if your child can identify the material, is it hard or soft, rough or smooth? What materials could they make a house for the pig from? Have a go! - We would love to see these on Tapestry!