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Whitecote Primary School

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Summer 2 week 1

Hope you had lovely half term break. Thank you for your amazing work and thank you to all the adults who have helped with this. I know it won’t have been easy. Being parent and teacher is a tough job but you have all done brilliantly.

Remember to email the photographs of your work to school on or put them on the Facebook Group called Whitecote Friends .


Read a book of your choice for 20 – 30 minutes each day. On one day of the week, read with an adult, think carefully about reading with fluency (making sure you’re paying attention to expression, punctuation and accuracy). On each day, you can pick a task from the reading grid to complete.


Traditional tales – alternative endings 

  • Look at the writing image. What can you see? What story do you think this image is from? Can you write a few sentences describing the story?
  • Pick a video on the fixed fairy tales link

What alternative story could we write about the writing prompt picture? (it can be ideas or a short written story)


Shapes and Patterns

Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday –

Thursday –

TT Rockstarts

Work on your maths fluency and times tables for 15 minutes each day using your TT Rock Stars login. 

Let’s get creativ

Think about what you have in your home, what do you throw away? What could you create with the things you through away? Could you upcycle something in your room or garden?





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