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Whitecote Primary School

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Summer Task

Hello Little Doves!

My name is Becky and working with me in Little Doves are Caroline, Karen and Caron. We are really looking forward to getting back up and running and welcoming all our current and new Little Doves to the setting.


Our class name is seedlings. Over Summer can you see if you could plant some seeds and watch for them to starting to grow (into seedlings). You could test out which seedlings are the quickest to grow and which ones take longer. Can you see any seedlings already in your garden? You could also talk about which ones are taller and which ones are shorter. You could also draw a picture of the seedlings and add your pictures to Tapestry so we can see your creations. Have a lovely summer and looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Love Becky, Caroline, Karen and Caron.