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Whitecote Primary School

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Summer Week 5

It is great to see what you have been doing. Remember to email the photographs of your work to school on or put them on the Facebook Group called Whitecote Friends .


Read a book of your choice for 20 – 30 minutes each day. On one day of the week, read with an adult, think carefully about reading with fluency (making sure you’re paying attention to expression, punctuation and accuracy). On each day, you can pick a task from the reading grid to complete.


This week will go back to look at multiplication-Follow activities and examples from whiterose maths.

Log onto your MyMaths tasks.

Work on your maths fluency and times tables for 15 minutes each day using your TT Rock Stars login.


Practice spelling the following words:

  • improve
  • whole
  • father
  • parent
  • steak
  • sugar

Can you put them into a sentence?


Staying Safe and Staying Active:

Joe Wicks is providing daily fitness sessions which can be watched live at 9am or saved for later.

We all know that I love my yoga, if you fancy joining me you could find me here …

You could work on some signature moves at


If you can safely get outside you could try moving around with a ball, riding a scooter or bike, jumping on a trampoline or going for a run or walk.