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Whitecote Primary School

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Week 1

Tuesday Writing - Poetry unit - The Piano

After you have watched the video, work though the screens.

Using the pictures - retell the story of the video. Record this on Class Dojo.

Thursday - The videos below are fun and will help with the fraction work. 

1) Watch the videos

2) Complete the Quiz.

3) Complete the sheet.

Wednesday PSHCE - New year activity

Thursday and Friday - Reading. Read the text and answer the questions. Only look at the answers when you have finished.

Thursday PSHE Inc Target - Set myself a a goal and work towards achieving the goal. 

This is the INC award this week. Send me something on Class Dojo that shows that you have been working towards your target. 

- Photo

- Text 

- Drawing 

This will help me to decide to who will get the INC award this week. 




Friday 8th January - English 

L.O To Write a poem.

Context: The piano 


1) Watch the Piano video again - you may need to watch this many times, whilst you are writing. 

2) Read the examples poems from past pupils and there will be a WAGOLL tomorrow (What a good one looks like) 

3) Write your poem - you can hand write it first and type it up or type it straight away. You can add pictures if you type in Piano KS2 to Google. If you are struggling use the scaffold to help. 

4) Use the marking ladder to make sure you have included all the elements of the poem.   

5) Show me your work on Class Dojo. 


I can not wait to see your poems!

Miss Masters 

Art - Work through the slides. Research William Morris. Create a poster/Fact file to show your findings.

Friday 8th January 2021 - PSHE 


Hazards in the home. 


1) Click the link

2) Watch the video. 

3) Complete the Quiz

4) Take a picture and upload it to Class Dojo.