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Whitecote Primary School

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Week 10, May half term

W/C 25th May 


With it being half term there is no 'set' home learning. However we do have some fun activities AND competitions!


Competition time!


Competition 1

The Great Bug Hunt 2020!

This is a competition for the whole country and your entries can be submitted online:


If you want to enter the competition the deadline for entries is the 12th June 2020. There is a variety of prizes available and the national winner will win a microscope.


Bugs are everywhere - you just have to look carefully.

Find a habitat (eg. hedgerow, grass, stones, trees, flowerbed) and search for some bugs.

Maybe you’ll find a spider under a bed or go on an indoor bug hunt.

You could even learn about bugs and their habitats online.


Can you count how many you find?

Can you identify (name) them? 

 Choose 1 bug that you find and make it into a project-  find out all about it.

Examine it (carefully!): Here are some things to look for, can you think of anything else?

What does it eat?

Where does it live?

How many legs does it have?

How does it move?

Make sure you are careful to not disturb the bugs or their habitat and make sure to wash your hands after exploring.

Now record what you have found.

You could:

draw it

write a story or poem about it

design a poster

shoot a video 

The options are endless – with a little bit of imagination…

Competition 2 

What will our transport look like in 2120?


Your challenge:

We would like you to create an image of what you think our future transport may look like in the year 2120.


We want you to be as creative as possible! From flying cars to zooming hover boards anything goes!


How to take part:

Here's our three steps to taking part...

1. Download the template required

Print off the template

simply use some plain paper
if you don’t have a printer.
(Max A4).


2. Create something awesome!

We want you to be as creative
as possible! Think about how
passengers will fit and how your
transport will be powered!


3. Submit your entry to Tensar

Email your entry to
(photo or scan your artwork).
Remember to provide your name, age and school name.


Leeds Rhinos

PE Home Challenges


Leeds Rhinos have produced some fab, fun fitness challenges.

These short challenges have been delivered by some familiar faces from Leeds Rhinos as part of the Leeds Rhinos Foundation.

Going forward there will be three challenges each week: Monday, Wednesday and as part of Fun Friday!

The links for these challenges can be found in the PE section of the class home learning page

This week we would like you complete challenges 1,2 and 3.

All the challenges can be completed inside your home or in your garden and require no ‘specialist’ fitness equipment.


We would love to see you having fun doing these so please send photos of yourselves completing the fitness challenges to


Have fun, keep fit and stay safe.