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Week 11, June 1st

W/C 1st June


We hope you had a lovely half term! Now it's time to get back down to business :).



This week we are recapping how to compare and measure mass.


Whiterose Home Learning Summer Term Week 6 - watch the videos online and then complete the activities below.


Tutorial videos


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Log onto your MyMaths tasks.



Recap the phonics sounds previously learnt using the flashcards on phonics play


Read out some words and ask your child to segment them and then write them.

spin, step, trip, from, skip, plan

How many words can they get correct in a minute?


Read a sentence without showing your child.

Encourage children to segment the words and then write the full sentence

This frog is strong.

His green skin has bumps.

He likes to swim in his pond.



Practice spelling the following words:

Come, some, one, once, ask

Can you put them into a sentence?



We are continuing to use activities from Talk4writing.

Read the story Pippety Skycap - A tale of mischief! on page 3

or if you prefer you can listen to it here

then complete the 2 tasks below.








by Mark & Helen Johnson


Just like humans, ants also work together. A single ant can only do so much, but when they work as a team, they are able to achieve great things like building bridges with their bodies so that other ants can cross!


A fun song that captures the value and fun of doing things ‘as one’!


Can you think of some actions to go with the verbs in each verse (play, work, sing, move)? Once the song is learnt, omit the ‘action’ word and just perform the action instead.



With other family members, discuss what tasks you could do together around the house to help e.g. laying the table, making the beds or cooking.



Bounce the ball to one another to the beat of the music. Bounce the ball to your partner on beat one for them to catch on beat two. Continue bouncing the ball to each other in time with music as the song continues (so you’ll be bouncing on beats one and three, catching on beats two and four).


We would love to see it!


Food Technology and Science



We have been looking at healthy food in DT and plants in Science.

This week we are going to combine the two subjects.


Some of the food that we eat are actually plants.

This means they grow, either in the ground, on trees or on bushes.


Look through your kitchen (with your grown up’s permission).

What plants that we eat, can you find in your kitchen?

Make a list of all the plants that you find in your kitchen.


Some of these plants will have seeds inside.

If it has seeds inside it is a fruit.

Can you identify which plants that we eat are fruits?


** Don't forget to send us pictures with 'YR1 home learning' in the subject to**


Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Hancock and Miss Mumby