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Week 12 Commencing 8.6.20




Playscript from last week if you started this work. Task - To write a play script

Monday 8.1.20 Topic ( 3 levels of ability LA, MA, HA - choose which one you think will be best for you child)

Monday 8.5.20 Art

Click the Link below and follow the tutorial. Show me your results on by emailing your artwork or putting it on the Whitecote friends group on Facebook. 

Tuesday Maths 9.1.20 For the videos go the the Whiterose Maths hub home learning page

Tuesday 9.1.20 English - instructions. Read the text and identify the features. Find examples from one of texts below and record on the sheet or on a piece of paper.

Science - Tuesday 9.1.20 


Bob and Doug's Space Mission


Find out about Bob and Doug's Space Mission. 


You might want to answer the questions below or you could show what you have found out in a 

-Newspaper report 

-Comic Strip 

-Learning Log Page 


Bob and Doug's Space Mission

Tuesday 9.1.20 DT/Maths


Make your own 3D shapes using paper/card/scissors and sellotape. 


Take a picture and show me your work by emailing the office or putting on the Whitecote friends Facebook group. 



3D shapes

Wednesday 10.6.20 Maths - Visit the Whiterose Maths hub website for the videos.

Wednesday 10.6.20 PSHCE - Sleep. Look at the powerpoint, then create a poster about what you have learnt.

Wednesday 10.6.20 DT/Maths - Using the 3D shapes you made yesterday fill in the sheet below. There is an easier one and a harder one. If you want an extra challenge, fill in the sheet without looking at the shapes.

Thursday - 11.06.2020 - English

Bob & Doug seriously need your help!

1) Read the letter Mrs Stead has received.

2) Take a look at the example of my 'Water Rocket' and use the blank sheet on the 3rd page to design your own rocket remembering to label each part and create a set of instructions so that Bob & Doug know exactly how to make it back at NASA.

3) If you cant print off the sheet you can follow the same layout and draw it onto a plain piece of paper.

Oops Bob & Doug are after your help again! They've only gone and eaten most of their food on the journey to the International Space Station. Come up with the correct answers to these Maths questions. Each correct answer will give Bob & Doug an extra pouch of food, can you help them survive? The answer sheet will be on the school website. If you can check your answers tell me how many pouches you managed to get for Bob & Doug.

Thursday - 11.06.2020 - ICT

Time to get your computer science brains working! You will be working to create your very own game of Flappy Bird. All instructions are on the document.
1)Open the document and click on the link.
2) Watch the short clip at the start that will explain what coding is and how we will use event blocks to create our game.
3) Work through each level (they get harder as they go along).
4) Once completed you will receive a computer science certificate that you can print out with your name on.

Thursday - 11.06.2020 - Topic

You have been stranded on an island. You will need to survive there until you are rescued. You’ll sleep under the stars, cook on an open fire and you might even have to eat bugs! Work through the sheets in order to give you a better chance of survival! The island will continue over the next few weeks (Thursdays). Send a photo of your completed work.

Thursday - 11.06.2020 - Extra optional activity (Dojo points available)

Alert Alert Alert: Extra 2 points available for anyone who completes the extra task! This is optional you don't have to complete it unless you want more Dojo points! Read the space race and answer the questions. I wonder who won the race...

Take a look around the Google Interland world and explore. There are 4 worlds where you can learn important lessons about internet safety but also the games are really fun! Please read the document for more information and step by step instructions. If you have problems accessing Interland there is another Coding lesson that you can do instead (Minecraft). Have a great Friday year 5.

Friday 12.6.20 - Maths

1) Spend 10 mins on TT rock stars. How many points can you earn? Can you beat Mr Tuck's score of 1720?


2) Complete at least four tasks on My Maths.  

12.6.20 If you have not completed Thursdays English, you will need to complete it before you do todays work. 

1) Watch the video 

2) Are these good instructions? Could you perform the dance? What features are in the video? What is missing? 

3) Re-write your rocket instructions. Use the instruction checklist below to help you. 

Make sure you have included an introduction and have used adverbs and a variety of fronted adverbials!

Jamie King dance

Still image for this video

PE - Circuits - Complete the exercises safely and record how many you have done.