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Week 13 - Commencing 15.6.20




Monday 15.6.20 - Art

Click the Link below and choose a different tutorial. Show me your results on by emailing your artwork or putting it on the Whitecote friends group on Facebook. 

Tuesday 16.6.20 Maths For the videos visit the Whiterose Maths hubs or the BBC Bitesize home learning section

Tuesday 16.6.20 English - To plan to write a letter from Herman to explain what happened at the top of the tower

Tuesday 16.6.20 Science - Reversible and Irreversible changes


Visit the BBC Bitesize page


Watch the 3 videos on reversible and irreversible changes and complete the activities. 


Show me what you have learnt in any way you choose - notes, comic strips, pictures, diagrams, poster etc 

BBC Bitesize reversible and irreversible changes

Tuesday 16.6.20 PSHCE - How we can support/help our friends. Create a comic strip about how you can support/ help your friends and family.

Wednesday 17.6.20 - English Look at the Dear Herman pdf from yesterday. Use your plan to write a letter from Herman to Harriet to explain what happened at the top of the tower.

Wednesday 17.6.20 - Think about what makes you you and what you are good at. Fill in the sheet below about all the things you are good at.

Thursday 18th June 2020 - Maths

Take a look at the PDF file all about finding objects on the treasure map! You will need to find the co-ordinates of certain objects. There is a fun sheet to complete first and if you feel ok with that then please try to create your own treasure map and follow the rules on the sheet. I have uploaded an example of how to follow/plot co-ordinates on a grid with 4 quadrants (4 sections) please don't let it confuse you read my instructions! Please leave an 'X' for me to find the treasure :)

Thursday 18th June 2020 - English

Your task for English is to write a postcard to someone of your choice from a beach of your choice. Your choice of location doesn’t have to be somewhere you have visited you can make it up or think about somewhere you would like to go in the future. If it was my choice, I would probably pick Hawaii or the Bahamas they look amazing. Take a look at the example and complete yours on the template and you can add pictures.

This week you are still stranded on the desert island and need to survive. You discover a new creature/animal whilst on the island. You have to design the creature and you can even create it if you like out of materials you have at home. You also have to describe the creature and decide about the power source you will use on the island. Then you will need to continue with your island survival diary telling me all about your first day on the island (include how you are feeling). There are also some slides that I will attach to help give you ideas.

Thursday 18th June 2020 - ICT

Recycling and waste have been a big problem over the years, but we are seeing more and more problems with plastic in our oceans. With all the restaurants opening again I've seen so many McDonald's and KFC packages littering the streets. Use your coding knowledge to clean up the beach and save the animals. Become a recycling LEGEND!

Use your coding knowledge to save the animals at the beach from the plastic. Read through my instructions and watch the video clips at the start of the coding game to understand the importance of recycling and also to complete the game.

Friday 19.9.20 Maths

1) Spend 10 mins on TT rock stars. How many points can you earn? Can you beat Mr Tuck's score of 1720?


2) Complete at least four tasks on My Maths.  

Friday 19.6.20 Maths challenge - Football time challenge


Football lesson. Copy the link below and watch the videos and complete the quiz

Football Time challenge

English/PSHCE - 19.6.20 


Open task - Research what Marcus Rashford did that was do important this week.


What did he do?

How did he do it?

Was he successful? 

Why was it so important to him to bring about this change? 


You can present your research in any way you choose. The following are just suggestions, you may have a different idea. 

- Newspaper, comic strip, powerpoint, poster, Learning log style page, information page, journal entry etc. 


- There will 10 dojo points given, for children who complete this task to a high standard. 

- presentation, spelling, handwriting, colourful, year 5 standard.