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Week 13, June 15th

Hi Year One


As of this week, Mrs Hancock and Miss Mumby will be welcoming some of you back into school. They are really looking forward to seeing you and although the school day will be different, we know that you will enjoy the activities they have planned for you. 


If you are not returning to school, I will update this page by Monday 15th June with some activities you can do at home linked to the learning that is going on in school. As always, do as much as you can and I would love to see how you have got on with the activities at home so please email your photos to I will also be giving you a quick phone call home so don't be surprised if you get a phone call from a withheld number. 


Speak soon


Mrs Taylor x


This week in school we will be learning about fractions. We will be focusing on finding half of shapes and half of amounts. We will then move onto finding quarters of shapes and quarters of amounts.


How can I do this at home?

You can have lots of fun with fractions at home, maybe get some sweets or small toys and split them in half between and your teddies? You could cut up small cakes into halves and quarters too. You could practise folding pieces of paper into quarters and halves and cutting them up. Is there more than one way to cut a square in half/quarters?  


Key learning point

One half is the whole split into 2 equal parts and I have one of them

One quarter is the whole split into 4 equal parts and I have one of them


Extra challenge

If you love a challenge, try this activity:


Whiterose videos to support the worksheets

The supporting videos can be found on the whiterose website. You need to go to w/c 20th April and find lesson 4, the other 3 lessons are on w/c 27th April lesson 1,2 and 3.


In school this week we will be learning the following spellings:

  • do

  • of

  • said

  • says

  • they 


If you already know these you could practise these harder ones:

  • today

  • school

  • friend

  • where


We will be practising our spellings every day and doing a test at the end of the week. 


How can I do this at home?

You could use the worksheet below. You could use chalk and write them outside your house. Or make rainbow spellings by using lots of different coloured pens. You could even use rice, salt or sand to write them on a tray! 


In phonics this week we will be looking at the following sounds:

  • ay (as in play)
  • ou (as in cloud)
  • ie (as in pie)
  • ea (as in sea)


In school, we will be reading and writing words with these sounds. 


In topic lessons, we are going to be learning about puppets. We are going to learn what they are for and then designing and making our own. 


How can I do this at home?

Do you have any puppets in your house? How are they made? Are they finger puppets? Hand puppets? Can you make your own puppet at home? You could use an old, spare sock and make your own sock puppet. We'd love to see your puppets so don't forget to email photos into school:

How to make a Sock Puppet