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Whitecote Primary School

This is a Motto

Week 14 - Commencing 22.6.20



Open task - Research what Marcus Rashford did that was do important this week.


What did he do?

How did he do it?

Was he successful? 

Why was it so important to him to bring about this change? 


You can present your research in any way you choose. The following are just suggestions, you may have a different idea. 

- Newspaper, comic strip, powerpoint, poster, Learning log style page, information page, journal entry etc. 


- There will 10 dojo points given, for children who complete this task to a high standard. 

- presentation, spelling, handwriting, colourful, year 6 standard. 


1) Spend 10 mins on TT rock stars. How many points can you earn? Can you beat Mr Tuck's score of 1720?


2) Complete at least four tasks on My Maths.  


Maths challenge - Football time challenge


Football lesson. Copy the link below and watch the videos and complete the quiz