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Week 14 - Commencing 22.6.20

Monday 22.6.20 Maths 


Watch the clip on Multiplying and dividing by 10,100,1000


Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000


This will help you to complete the link below. We need more work on this, as this was a weaker area in February tests. 

Monday 22.6.20 Art 


1) Copy the link below and learn about the work of LS Lowry.


2) Watch the video clips on painting, collage and printmaking, then create your own piece of art about where you live. 



LS Lowry

Tuesday 22.6.20 Science Study the knowledge organiser about forces. Show what you have learnt in any way you choose.

Tuesday 23.6.20 - English Direct and reported speech (In preparation for writing a newspaper report)

Tuesday 23.6.20 PE Move at home Throwing and Catching

Wednesday 24.6.20 Science/PSHCE - Look through the powerpoint, then create a picture of the eat well plate.

Thursday 25.06.2020 - English

1) Your task is to create a wanted poster for a witch/wizard! You need to create a character description on the poster which will describe what the witch/wizard looks like! The more detail you include the better the chance someone will be able to spot them.

2) You will also have to write about why they are wanted, what crime have they committed? Have they used their spells to commit a bank robbery? Have they turned themselves into different objects in order to listen in on conversations of powerful people? Are they using their magic to turn people in Asda into frogs so they can get their shopping scanned first? Make it up, have some fun with it 😊

Page 1 on the document is a blank page that all children can use. If you need help with the format or what to put in each section page 2 will show you how to lay it out and possibly help you start your paragraphs.

Thursday 25.06.2020 Maths

You will need to make sure you are on the ball with your skills in counting money! Especially when you are buying objects from the wizard world! You do not have to complete every section. Just Chose two for example bronze and silver and if you want to challenge yourself you can do extra but I only need 2 :)

Thursday 25.06.2020 ICT

Fly on your broomstick and discover magical items to collect for Miss Hardbroom’s potions class. Can you find all the ingredients and complete your spell book? Try the new levels where you can make potions for Miss Hardbroom! The more ingredients you've collected, the more potions you can make. Look out for Mildred, Maud, Enid and the other witches they have special challenges for you!

This lesson is a bit of fun to get you use to use the different keys quickly in order to achieve different challenges and become more familiar. Think about the coding that would have been used to create the game in order to allow you to move around the map so freely.

This game doesn’t need to be completed just play until you have had enough 😊

Thursday 25.06.2020 Topic

It's our last week of survival island and luckily for you, it's the week you are finally getting off the island!

Friday 25.6.20 Maths 

1) Spend 20 mins on TT rock stars. How many points can you earn? Can you beat Mr Tuck's score of 1720? 2) Complete at least four tasks on My Maths. If you have completed them all, re-do some and try to improve your score. 

26.5.20 Friday Reading


Read a book of your choice for at least half an hour. Summarise the main points and tell someone in your house. 

Friday 26th June 2020 ICT

Friday 26.06.2020 - ICT 

Today's ICT lesson is a focus again around staying safe online. Now more than ever we have children working hours and hours all over the world online. This week please explore Reality river.