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Week 14, June 22nd

Hi year one children and parents!


I hope you are well. It was nice talking to a lot of you on the phone this week. Below is an online copy of the work we are doing in school this week.


Do not feel that you must complete all this work, complete what you can and we would love to hear how your child has found it. Your child’s wellbeing is the most important thing. 


In school, we do 1 phonics, 1 maths, 1 English and 1 topic lesson a day. 


Feel free to email any photos or questions about home learning to our new year 1 email address.


Speak soon!


Mrs Taylor 


In Maths this week we are looking at measures. We will be focusing on length and mass. We will start by comparing items by length and then moving onto measuring items using a ruler. 


We will then be looking at mass – how heavy something is -  and measuring it using cubes. We will compare items to see which is heavier and lighter.


How can I do this at home?


Find items around the house that you can measure with a ruler and compare. E.g. which is the longest / shortest? Which is longer / shorter?  Do the same for mass, which is the heaviest/lightest? Can you order the items?  If you have weighing scales you could show your child this in grams and kilograms. 


BAKING is amazing for teaching measures! (There’s always a good excuse to make buns!)


Whiterose videos to support the worksheets

(Summer term – week 5, lesson 1,2,3,4 Summer term – week 6, lesson 1,2)


In school this week we will be learning the following spellings:

  • Come
  • Some 
  • One 
  • Once 


We will be practising our spellings every day and doing a test at the end of the week. 


How can I do this at home?

You could use chalk and write them outside your house. Or make rainbow spellings by using lots of different coloured pens. You could even use rice, salt or sand to write them on a tray!


In phonics this week we will be looking at the following sounds:

  • oy (as in toy)
  • ir (as in bird)
  • ue (as in blue
  • aw (as in saw)


In school, we will be reading and writing words with these sounds. 


In school this week we are writing instructions. Last week we made a puppet so we are going to write instructions on how to make a puppet. We will also be practising our handwriting. 


How can I do this at home?

Make something at home and write a set of instructions to go with it. It could be anything! A paper aeroplane, baking, a card, a sandwich, a magical potion, a lego model… anything that takes your interest! 


Remember to use a ‘bossy verbs’ at the start of each sentence. e.g put, cut, stick etc. 


In topic, we will be learning about plants. We will be planting a seed and watching it grow. We will then complete a seed diary about it. We will be labelling the parts of a plant and talking about their purpose.


Part of a plant that produces seeds


Green part of a plant, usually flat


Part of a plant (usually underground) that takes in water


Main body or stalk of a plant

We will also be naming and identifying types of trees e.g. 


  • apple
  • oak
  • hazel 


How can I do this at home?

Plant a seed and ask your child to complete their own diary of how it changes. Go out and look at the plants and trees in your garden and/or a local park, what types can you see? How can you tell by looking at the leaves?