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Week 15

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If you need help or want to send in photos please use the Year 3 email address.  Someone will phone you back or email you.  


We read your emails between 9am and 4pm.  If you email out of these hours we will get back to you as soon as we read your email.  Here is the email address:


Time Tables Rock Stars Challenge


Every day this week Mr. Tuck will be playing TTRS.  Log on and see if you can beat him.  He plays for 10 minutes each day so here are the points he has scored so far:


Total for last week 8520 


Monday 2930

Tuesday 3090

Wednesday 2930

Thursday 3200 (my best score so far)

Friday 3040


Total for this week 15190

Grand total 50530


Well done to Zac (Y4) who scored 1590 points on Monday and to Eva-Grace (Y4) who has been battling the bands.


If you have beaten him on any day or even the whole week email ( or telephone your scores into the School office and we will put them on this page. 

Activities for this week: 


This week in maths you will be learning about time. Follow the links below to complete the online lessons. There is one for each day. 


BBC Bitesize - Why are bees attracted to flowers?

Flowers need bees and other insects to pollinate them, but what do bees get in return? Find out how people would be affected if there weren't any bees to pollinate flowers.

Challenge: Take the quiz to test your knowledge
Produce a poster explaining why bees are attracted to flowers. You can use your new abstract skills to create an abstract flower in the centre of your poster. 

How to paint abstract flowers


Pets in Spanish | Beginner Spanish Lessons for Children