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Week 15 - Commencing 29.6.20


Monday 29.6.20 - 

Watch the fraction videos before you complete the test. 

Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers

Compare and order fractions whose denominators are multiples of the same number


Add two fractions where the answer could be greater than 1

Adding two mixed numbers

Subtract two mixed numbers


Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by an integer

Multiply mixed numbers by an integer


Monday 29.6.20 - Ancient Greece/Reading Complete the comprehension about Archimedies

Monday 29.6.20 Science - Archimedes experiment using bricks such as lego bricks.

Spanish - 29.6.20 Tuesday 


Complete the quiz at the start and at the end of the session. 


Watch the video.

Tuesday 30.6.20 Art 


Copy the link below and complete the task. I hope you enjoy it!


The lesson says year 4, but I think year 5 will love it too. 




Wednesday 1.7.20 - Writing - edit/improve and redraft your newspaper report, then fill in the marking ladder

Wednesday 1.7.20 - Sustainability


Sustainability - Clicked the link below to learn about sustainability.

Thursday 2nd July 2020 - English

1) Open up the power point and read the persuasive techniques.

2) Watch the Iceland Orangutan advert.

3) Look at my example of a persuasive poster.

4) Create your own persuasive poster using the different techniques to help save the Orangutans.

Carrying on from yesterday and the rain-forest theme you are going to answer some pictogram questions based around the rain-forest and some animals/insects you might find in there.

1) Choose two colours to complete (e.g. bronze & silver or Silver & Gold)

2) The answer sheet will be on the school website if you would like to check your answers.

Thursday 2nd July 2020 - Art/ICT

1) Open up the document.

2) Create a picture of an animal or a plant you could find in the rain-forest using an online paint program.

3) If you would like you can try do it on any paint app you have.

4) Send me a picture of your art. Don't worry too much its a challenge because I know how difficult it is to draw on ipads/laptops.

1) Open up the document and follow instructions.

2) Click the link and follow the video.

3) You will need 5 sheets of paper or you can use other household objects as explained on the document.

4) Try get a picture of you doing the exercise so I can award dojo points.

Friday 3.7.20 Maths


Maths 1) Spend 20 mins on TT rock stars. How many points can you earn? Can you beat Mr Tuck's score of 1720? 2) Complete at least four tasks on My Maths. If you have completed them all, re-do some and try to improve your score.