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Whitecote Primary School

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Week 15, June 29th

Maths Slides for the Week

Monday Maths Sheet



The Night Pirates (watch the video of the story on Youtube)


Read the first four pages (up to 'Tom was a little boy about to have an adventure').

Before reading on, predict what the adventure might be. Write down what you think will happen.


Finish the story.

Vocabualry to discuss – stealing, roared, strange, leapt, fearsome, gaped, goggled.


Possible Questions

Is it fiction or non-fiction?

What did Tom think the shadows might be?

What does ‘only the moon was watching’ mean?

What time of day was it, and what in the text gives us a clue about this?



We are looking at similes (He was as fast as a tiger. It was as cold as ice).

Can you find any similes in the story?


Today we are looking at adjectives (describing words).

There are some in the story - rough, tough & dark.

Can you think of some adjectives to describe different parts of the picture? eg bright moon, hot sand


We have received a message in a bottle. Write your application for a job as a pirate.


This week's spellings are ....






If you already know these words, please practise any from the list below.


In phonics this week we will be looking at the following sounds:

wh (as in when)

ph (as in phone)

ew (as in drew or few)

oe (as in toe)


You can also practise spelling words with these sounds in them.

We will be drawing ourselves in the style of Picasso.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers


We will be drawing sunflowers using different media, eg paint, pastels & pencils.

Can you draw some sunflowers?