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Week 16 - Commencing 6.7.20

Monday 6.7.20 - Virtual Sports day - practise


Tmw we will be taking part in the virtual Sports day. Below is all the information you need. 


Spend some time practising the different activities, so that you are ready for tmw. You will then have any equipment you need ready. 


Good Luck!  

Virtual sports day information

7.7.20 - Tuesday -  Video goes live at 10 am

Please follow this link on the day to view the official video on YouTube which will be premiered at 10am on Tuesday 7 July:  


Take part in the virtual sports day activities. 



Wednesday 8.7.20 Moving to Year 6 English transition activities

Maths revision - Units of measure - Create a learning log style poster (Lift the flap etc) about measures. The best ones will get 10 dojo points.


Creative writing - To link with your Art lesson you will be required to create a short story (500 words/ one full page maximum) following the Super Tasty Story Sandwich (look at the poster attached). Your story will need to include some sort of problem that your food animal is causing. Take a look at the PowerPoint to help you think of a food animal to include in your story. Take a picture of your short story and upload to dojo for me to read.

Thursday 9th July 2020 - Maths

Who wants to be a Hundredaire?


Test your place value knowledge and see how much you can earn by playing the maths game on this link:


If you finish or it isn’t working for whatever reason, please try challenge my score on TT Rockstars. I managed to get 50 in 1 minute, how many can you get?


Send me a picture of your scores on both 😊

Art – Thursday 9th July 2020


I want you to create the food animal that you have included in your short story. You could do this however you like you could draw it, paint it, make it out of cardboard or if you really wanted you could try make it using actual food (please don’t make a mess).

Thursday 9th July 2020 - Indoor PE

Indoor PE – Thursday 9th July 2020

BEAN GAME & BALANCING ACT (See both sheets)

Bean game: One player calls out the following ‘Beans’ at random, other players must perform the correct movement:

 - Jelly Bean = players wobble like Jelly

- String Bean = players stretch up tall

- Baked Bean = players slowly rotate on the spot

- Broad Bean = players stretch their arms and legs out wide

 - Mexican Bean = players pretend to lasso and shout ‘Arriba!!’

- Runner Bean = players run on the spot


Balancing game: You need to balance as many household objects as possible socks, tea towel, toilet roll etc on your body in 1minute. You get 1 point for every object/ 2 points for more difficult objects. Try and beat your score every time. If you have anyone else at home, challenge each other and see who the champion is.

Friday 10th July 2020.


Find a comfy spot and read a book of your choice for 30 minutes. 


Happy reading! 

Friday 10th July 2020 Maths 


My Maths and TT rock stars


Maths 1) Spend 20 mins on TT rock stars. How many points can you earn? Can you beat Mr Tuck's score of 1720? 2) Complete at least four tasks on My Maths. If you have completed them all, re-do some and try to improve your score.


Extra - There are also lots of Maths games you can play on My Maths! 


Friday 10th July - Grammar - Complete the grammar test, adult to mark, Correct your answers

Friday 10th July Spanish 


Click the link below and complete the Spanish lesson.


Create a video where you introduce yourself and say the numbers and letters in Spanish. 



Friday 10th July 2020 Science - Static electricity (If you have a ballon you can use it in this. Don't worry if you do not have one, you can still join in. 

Click the link below and take part in the Science lesson.


Create a video to explain what you have learnt. You can use props, posters etc to explain.