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Week 16, July 6th



Today we are planning our own pirate story. Use the pictures (choose one from each section) to plan your own story. Practise retelling the story orally.



Use your pirate story plan from yesterday to write your own pirate story.

Can you include some desribing words?

Can you join some sentences with 'and'?

Don't forget to use capital letters and full stops.



Today we are learning how to spell plurals by adding 's' or 'es.' We add 'es' if the word ends in ch, sh, s, x or z.

Try these.

Can you put some of these words into sentences?



Today we are add 's' and 'es' to verbs (same rules for adding 'es' as yesterday).

The first one is done for you.

I run to the shop.

He runs to the shop.



We fall of the sofa.

She __________ of the sofa.



They eat a bone.

The dog ______ a bone.



I push the door.

She _______ the door.



We mash the potatoes.

He __________ the potatoes.



I brush the dog.

She __________ the dog.



Can you use some of your words in other sentences?


This week's spellings are ....






In phonics this week we will be looking at the following sounds:

au (as in Paul)

ey (as in monkey)

a-e (as in gate)

e-e (as in these or swede)



This week are are looking at money. Have a look at some coins.

Can you name the coins?

Can you talk about the differences between the coins?

Wednesday - Money (notes)

Thursday - Money Totals

Topic - Grace Darling


Write down your ideas.


Can you think of some questions that you would like to ask her?

Write them down and remember to use a question mark.


Video about Grace Darling


Can you draw a picture of the Grace Darling rescue?

Include as much detail as you can.


Can you put these pictures in the right order? Use them to help you retell Grace's story. Can you write a sentence for each picture?

Ask an adult to read the Grace Darling fact sheet to you (below).


How is your life different from Grace's?

Think about where you live, where your water comes from, how you cook & how you heat your house.