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Whitecote Primary School

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Week 17

If You Need Help


If you need help or want to send in photos please use the Year 4 email address.  Someone will phone you back or email you.  


We read your emails between 9am and 4pm.  If you email out of these hours we will get back to you as soon as we read your email.  Here is the email address:


Class Dojo

The Class Dojo is up and running again this week for you to get your activities.  You can earn points for every activity you complete and there is a prize if you get to 500 points.


If you have not connected yet check your emails as they invites are sent every few days.  If you didn't get your invite or would like it sending again email


See you in the Dojo!


Time Tables Rock Stars Challenge


Every day this week Mr. Tuck will be playing TTRS.  Log on and see if you can beat him.  He plays for 10 minutes each day so here are the points he has scored so far:


Total for last week 16260 


Monday 3250

Tuesday 3080

Wednesday 2990

Thursday 3150



Total for this week 12470

Grand total 79260


If you have beaten Mr Tuck on any day or even the whole week email ( or telephone your scores into the School office and we will put them on this page. 




Every day I play TTRS.  Can you play for 10 minutes and beat my score?  You could play for longer and I'm sure you will beat me then!  New battles have started this week, who will win?


Grammar quiz




Lockdown memories

And just for fun