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Week 17 - Commencing 13.7.20

13.7.20 Art 13.7.20 - Quentin Blake tutorial 


Click the link below and watch the instructions (You may need to pause video)

13.7.20 - PSHCE - School year memories (A year we will never forget!)

14.7.20 Jazz Harper - Design a Mars buggy

Geography - Tuesday 14.7.20 - The Alps 


Click the link below and complete the lesson on the Alps.

15.7.20 - Daily reading 


Find a quiet corner and read for half an hour. 



15.7.20 English - Comprehension (Choose which one suits you - 1 star/2 stars/3 stars)

Wednesday 15.7.20 - Maths 


Watch the videos and complete the quiz on converting units of measure. 


Click the link below.

Spanish lesson. 


Click the link below and complete the Spanish.


Make a video to show me what you have learnt. 

Thursday 16th July 2020

PE- Minute to win it – Water bottle challenge.

Watch the video created by Mr Lucas and follow the steps. What’s the best score you can get?

Thursday 16th July 2020


TTRS – Can you beat my score in 1 minute I’ve improved I managed to score 59!

 Send me a picture and show me how you get on…

Thursday 16th July 2020


Complete the code for the sports game, follow the instructions and try completing the games.

Thursday 16.7.2020 - English