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Whitecote Primary School

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Week 17, July 13th

It is our last week of term and of year 1! What a year it has been!! We are incredibly proud of you all and we will miss you all very much! We know that you will all LOVE year 2 and your new teachers, who I am sure you will make equally as proud.




Brain and body warm up



Telling time.

Watch the Whiterose maths input video 

Home learning week 12 (lessons 1-4)







Suffix er on verbs, eg teacher, farmer etc


Take a look at the ppt presentation (below) and then complete the tasks.


Task 1

Write the words with the suffix 'er'



Task 2

Write the sentences below




Reading and writing riddles


Read the riddles – Can you guess what it is about?

What were the clues?

Which as the hardest clue and why?

Which was the easiest clue and why?





Writing a riddle





Writing a riddle



Email your riddles to to see if we can guess what your riddle is about!

Afternoon Fun


Nature bookmark



Biscuit decorating


Make your own pizza party!


***Don't forget to email pictures of your amazing creations to***