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Whitecote Primary School

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Week 2



W/C 30th March

Hello 1 Juniper and 1 Maple.  We hope that you have been enjoying the sunshine.


Here are some challenges to complete while you are at home over the next week:



Investigate weight, which objects in your house weigh the most/least? Can you order them?

Go on mymaths and complete your tasks.



Choose a book from home or your home reading book. Read the book to yourself, an adult or even your favourite teddy. What happened in the story? Can you retell it?

We have created logins for Oxford Owl

You can find lots of lovely online books on there.

Click on My Class 

Login in at the top of the page.

Class 1 (Maple) Username: whitecote1 Password: Maple

Class 2 (Juniper) Username: whitecote1a Password: Juniper



Go on phonics play and practise phase 3,4 and 5 sounds.

Do you remember them all?



Pick your favourite animal and write a report about it.

Can you use full stops and capital letters? Can you use adjectives?



The seasons are changing and now it is Spring!

What clothes would you wear for the weather outside?

Can you draw and label an outdoor outfit?

Can you explain how the clothes that you wear now might differ to the ones you would wear in the winter or summer?



Learn a song you like with a colour in it. Can you teach it to your family?


Design Technology

Design and make an animal habitat. You can use any materials you find around the house and garden.



Find out facts about your favourite animal. Share these facts with someone and explain why it is your favourite animal.



Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Hancock and Miss Mumby