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Week 5

Tuesday 2nd February 2020


How to edit Twinkl PDFs 


Copy the link below and watch the video.



Tuesday 2nd February English - building suspense and tension

Tuesday 2.2.20 Maths - Multiply a fraction by a fraction

Multiply a fraction by a fraction.mp4

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2nd February - Reading and PSHE - Three levels of challenge. Choose the one that suits you!

Tuesday 2nd February PSHCE - What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Wednesday 3rd February - PE with Paul 


2 x 20 minute sessions 


Can be done at different times of the day. 


Click the links


Skill (Agility)


Fitness (Strength 2)



Maths Tough question from yesterday

Still image for this video

Thursday - Maths video

Still image for this video

Thursday 4th February - English (Will be the Zoom)

Thursday 4th February - Art 


Create a William Morris Wallpaper 


- You can draw and paint it or use s sponge or potato to create a print. 

- Relate it to nature to emulate the work of William Morris. 

Thursday 4th February PSHE - Mindfulness Colouring with instruction sheet

Dress to Express Day - Express Yourself Friday 


Mindfulness Yoga – Click the links below to start your day off with a positive mindset. 


Warm up -
Yoga -
Relax -



I hope you enjoy these! 


Writing – Creative writing




Create a piece of writing of your choice to 


Art – 


Starter - Click the link – Draw with Rob


Complete the Superhero Bear activity. 


Main – Create a piece of Art of your choice! It could be of anything and could be a drawing, painting, or collage. You could do this digitally or with a pencil and paper. 







1) Click the link below and dance with Oti to the ‘This is me Song


2) Create a dance of your own to your favourite song. 




Login to Chuwanga – Listen to the music (and dance if you like) Think about which ones you enjoy. We are not going to get you to do anything else with this, as it is all about enjoying and appreciating music. 


Sing – sing a song of your choice. 




Make/Build/Create/Bake something of your choice! It could be anything!! 


Have fun creating and expressing yourselves



Friday -

Create a piece of writing of your choice to match this picture. 



Haunted House